We Updated Our Sony A9 Review After Testing Firmware Update 5.0

The Phoblographer’s Sony A9 review has been updated to include our tests with the latest version 5.0 Firmware.

Taking a page out of Fujifilm’s books, Sony released a major firmware update for their flagship A9 last week that brings the camera’s firmware to version 5.0. This new firmware update leverages the company’s latest developments into Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and object recognition, and also adds Real-Time Tracking (first seen in the Sony A6400) along with automatic Eye Autofocus to improve upon the already unparalleled performance of the Sony A9.

Even before this update was introduced, the Sony A9 was one of the most capable cameras on the market, but Firmware 5.0 takes everything great about the camera and makes the process of photography even more seamless and second nature. Aim at your subject, release the shutter, and the A9 takes care of the rest. Some may argue that this is “cheating,” but if you’re a professional sports or wildlife photographer, the Sony A9 is simply the most powerful camera you can have in your arsenal at the moment.

“Gone are the days of needing to engage the camera’s lock on function in order to keep pace with a fast-moving subject when photographing with the Sony A9. Tracking speedy subjects like wildlife and professional athletes almost becomes second nature when you’ve got the Sony A9 5.0 set to Real-Time Tracking mode (wide, flexible spots, and expanded flexible spot focus areas are supported). Simply line up your subject to the AF point, depress the shutter button halfway, and the Sony A9 5.0 will handle almost all of the heavy lifting. Eye Autofocus is also automatically engaged whenever the camera detects the presence of human eyeballs, so you don’t even need to keep your finger glued to a custom button with the function assigned to it anymore. The ability to detect animal eyeballs with the Sony A9 is forthcoming in another update that should be arriving later this summer.” – From our newly updated Sony A9 review.

With this firmware update for the Sony A9, the ability to seamlessly translate the image that you see in your mind’s eye into what you’re able to capture in camera by simply pointing the camera at your subject and pressing the shutter release is now a reality. To read more about this new firmware update, head to our newly updated Sony A9 review. In an age where nearly everyone is armed with advanced mobile cameras in their pockets, it’s nice to see camera manufacturers continue to innovate and able to keep pace.