These New Sony SSD Drives Are Fast, And Can Take a Beating

Sony SSD
These Sony SSD drives are perfect for the photographer who roughs and tumbles their gear.

Backing up our work is one of the most important things we can do as photographers, but hard drives and SSD’s haven’t always been the toughest. One slight bump, or a splash of water could mean the end of your hard drives and your files, and if that was the only backup you had, you would be in a world of hurt. Apparently someone at Sony HQ has been sitting quietly over in a corner and has been thinking about this for a while now, and they have come up with some new portable Sony SSD drives can can take a hiding.

A recent post over at Sony Alpha Rumors talks about the two new drives and all the things that they can do. Apparently the new Sony SSD drives mean serious business. They are high performance drives that are designed with photographers, videographers, and creators in mind. What this means is that the SL-C series has read and write speeds up to 540MB’s and 520MB/s, and the more expensive SL-M series has read and write speeds up to 1000MB/s which isn’t too shabby at all.

Sony SSD

Both models are IP67 rated which means that they are waterproof to depths of three feet, and that they are dust proof. The drives are also super strong and they can withstand pressure of up to 6000kgf and bending of up to 2000kgf. Perfect for people like me who are naturally clumsy, and who tend to sit on things accidentally. You can also drop them from a height of 9 feet without there being any adverse effects; pretty cool if you’re into dropping things from 9 feet.

The drives also feature intelligent encryption. The device owner can set one password for admin access, and another for guest users which is a nice touch. You also have the ability to check on the health of the device from a separate app, this way you can see if the drive is about to croak. Nice!

Pricing has not yet been shared with the masses yet, but both Sony SSD models with be available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB flavors. They will be on store shelves in summer 2019.