New Sony a7r III and Sony a7 III Firmware Brings Animal Eye Autofocus

Animal Eye AF is finally available for the Sony a7r III and the Sony a7 III with a new firmware update.

If you choose to update to the latest firmware for the Sony a7r III and the Sony a7 III, you’ll be treated to a number of new features. Chief amongst those features is what Sony is pushing AI–which they’re stating is more akin with referencing a database than cloud computing. In what seems like manufacturers have been doing for many years, this new firmware puts a pretty big database on your camera that Sony also claims will be improved over time. What this ultimately translates into is Animal Eye Autofocus–which Sony also states will be best used for Cats and Dogs initially and more animals to come in the future.

Sony’s autofocus algorithms will eventually be able to recognize an owl and track its eyes.

For portrait photographers, you’ll be pleased to know that Real Time AF is coming to both AF-S and AF-C modes as it pertains to eye-AF. With the “Face priority in AF” setting, photographers should experience the camera searching for an eye on the subject they are photographing. This can now be done upon activating autofocus instead of needing to press another custom button. Of course, you can still go about this by using the older method if you choose. Real Time Eye AF will also track animals after the photographer chooses to select which one they want to work with via the menu system.

Additionally, the Sony a7r III and Sony a7 III are getting the much needed interval shooting mode. This has been something really missing since Sony took it away from the PlayMemories Apps store when it was dissolved with the launch of the Sony a9. Sony states that photographers will now be able to use software to create the timelapses on their computer. That means that they won’t be stitched together as a movie file afterwards and in-camera. And if we interpreted that slide correctly in the presentation we saw yesterday, that’s too bad.

You can download the new firmware via Sony’s website when it becomes available today. Both the Sony a7r III and the Sony a7 III are available for purchase on Amazon with a number of configurations.