These New Sony SSD Drives Are Fast, And Can Take a Beating

Sony SSD

These Sony SSD drives are perfect for the photographer who roughs and tumbles their gear.

Backing up our work is one of the most important things we can do as photographers, but hard drives and SSD’s haven’t always been the toughest. One slight bump, or a splash of water could mean the end of your hard drives and your files, and if that was the only backup you had, you would be in a world of hurt. Apparently someone at Sony HQ has been sitting quietly over in a corner and has been thinking about this for a while now, and they have come up with some new portable Sony SSD drives can can take a hiding. Continue reading…

Synology Announces a New Network Storage DiskStation, The DS1019+

network storage

If you need a back up of your backup’s backup and you need to stream your files, this new network storage DiskStation may be for you.


Being able to store and backup all of your RAW and processed image files is incredibly important. We all know that if anything happens to those precious files we would be totally lost. Being able to access those files from anywhere on any device is also important; it means we can work on the road without having to carry external hard drives, and we can share images with clients with ease. Synology have been making network storage solutions for a long time now, and they have just announced a new member of their family, the DiskStation DS1019+.  Continue reading…