Cheap Photo: Master Landscape Photography With These Guides, Presets

landscape photography

Become a master at landscape photography with these heavily discounted guides, tutorials, and presets. 

If you have always dreamed of being able to capture gorgeous sunsets, sunrises, and stunning mountain shots, but have never really known where to begin these guides, tutorials and presets are for you. With the bundles we have found for you, you’ll become a landscape photography master in no time at all. What’s even better is that the bundles have been heavily discounted for a limited time. You can grab 100 Lightroom presets that will make your landscape images sing for just $19, and you can learn all the tricks of the trade with the Learn The Art of Landscapes video series which is just $29! Come on in and see all the other landscape photography deals.

Like most deals online, these ones won’t last long so snap these bundles up while you can. You’ll be creating landscape photography masterpieces in a hurry.


Get Started Taking Jaw-Dropping Landscape Photography


landscape photography

If you’re new to the world of landscape photography this guide is for you. You’ll learn universal themes, you’ll learn about the gear needed, and you’ll learn how to see and composite the sublime nature of what you need to express.  The tutorial includes:

  • 10 chapters covering 87 pages of beautifully designed information, inspired to get you started capturing great landscapes
  • Resources to help you continue learning including information on how to use websites like Luminous Landscape, The Photographer’s Ephemeris, and Nature Photographers Network
  • Chapters on Post-Processing, Using your Camera, and Scouting a Scene
  • Full list of all of Erik’s gear including links to where to get them
  • Education written clearly and passionately for perfecting landscape photography

The best part is that this beginners guide is only $10! If you want to start taking images that will wow everyone who sees them, then you need this guide.

Buy now ($10): Photowhoa


The Complete Guide For Landscape Photography Gear


If you want to know all there is to know about the gear and tools that will help you succeed in the ultra competitive landscape photography genre this guide is for you. You will learn about everything from tripods to filters, cameras, to lenses, and bags to safety gear. You will also learn all about landscape photography from some of the best in the business as they spill the beans on what makes photos successful and the pitfalls you need to avoid. For a limited time this tutorial is just $12! Skip the coffee for a couple of days and expand your knowledge instead.

Buy now ($12): Photowhoa


Chasing The Light + Visual Flow: Unlock Landscape Photography’s Creative Core


With these two excellent and critically acclaimed ebooks, you’ll learn the deepest concepts of shooting great landscape photography. You’ll understand the artistic elements of capturing light, while figuring compositions so that you’re always prepared for a sudden burst of beauty. You’re going to get two ebooks written by the photographer, artist, and editor Ian Plant. Chasing Light comes with 240 pages. And Visual Flow clocks in at 287 pages. You’ll learn:

  • Numerous creative tips that push your photography as far as it can go
  • Excellent image studies for light and color in all its forms
  • Thorough analysis of composition masterpieces by great painting masters
  • In-depth discussion of dozens of styles of composition to make compelling and powerful photographs
  • Detailed breakdowns of hundreds of amazing photographs taken by Ian Plant and George Stocking over their decades in landscape photography world

You can get all of this amazing information for just $19.95! That’s a discount of $29.95! Don’t miss out on this one.

Buy now ($19.95): Photowhoa


Learn The Art Of Landscape Photography With These Great Videos


If videos are more your style then we have you covered with this great landscape photography bundle. The course includes 20 different videos, each covering important aspects of landscape photography. The videos are presented by Edin Chavez, who has a friendly, enthusiastic and easy to follow teaching style. With this bundle you’ll:

  • You’ll know exactly what gear to use to get the best possible effects.
  • You’ll learn how to make the right adjustments to your camera settings so that you can achieve the correct exposure.
  • You’ll understand the finer points of landscape photo composition, in order to create a compelling image.
  • You’ll learn some very effective Adobe Lightroom techniques that will allow you to drastically reduce your editing time.

The bundle also includes a ton of RAW files for you to play around with, presets that you can apply to your own images, and composition diagrams. You can revisit each video as many times as you like and you can learn at your own pace! All of this for just $29 is crazy! The regular price is $125! Grab it while you can!

Buy now ($29): Photowhoa


Create Stunning Images With These Travel Lightroom Presets


Landscape Photography

Make your life easier in post with this bundle of 100 presets that are designed to get the most out of your travel and landscape photography. With one click you can transform your image. You can either leave the image as it is with the preset applied, or you can tweak away to make it absolutely perfect! Here are some of the perks of this bundle:

  • You will be able to edit your photos with one click, rather than going through several complex Lightroom steps to get there.
  • You’ll be able to create professional looking images, even if you have little to no Adobe Lightroom experience.
  • There are many different Lightroom presets to choose from, so you can quickly try multiple options for each photo
  • You’ll be able to edit your photos faster so that you will spend less time in front of the computer screen and more time out in nature with your camera – which is where you prefer to be! (It only takes seconds to process your photos completely with these high-quality Lightroom presets).
  • You’ll be able to process several photos with the same preset, which is helpful when you are putting together a slideshow or an Instagram account where you want to have a coherent look to your photos.
  • This Lightroom presets are compatible with all versions of Lightroom and with RAW and JPG photos.

Perhaps the best part is the price. This Lightroom preset bundle is only $19! For a limited time it has a discount of $20 which brings it down to this low price. Snap it up in a hurry.

Buy now ($19): Photowhoa

Brett Day

Brett Day is the Gear Editor at The Phoblographer and has been a photographer for as long as he can remember. Brett has his own photography business that focuses on corporate events and portraiture. In his spare time, Brett loves to practice landscape and wildlife photography. When he's not behind a camera, he's enjoying life with his wife and two kids, or he's playing video games, drinking coffee, and eating Cheetos.