Every Photographer Needs Canvas Prints of Their Most Beloved Photos

Canvas prints are some of the best options for photographers to realistically sell to any client.

I think that once any photographers experiences that magical moment when their images become manifest on a surface, they change immediately. But the best thing that any photographer can print on besides a really high end paper type is canvas. Canvas, in my opinion, should be the standard by what all other print types should be measured by due to the fact that so many photos are sold to clients for them to put them in their homes. Canvases provide versatility that isn’t really offered by all print jobs–at least when it comes to adapting to the environment around it.

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored blog post from Duggal and ShopDuggal.com

Let’s all answer an honest question here: when is the last time that you’ve been to a museum or a gallery? Now think about the lighting that was on the artwork that you saw. Where did it come from? If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that it came from up top and that the gallery lighting was very focused and centered. Think of it as a soft flood light. Now of course, I’m not sure that any photographer demands that anyone who buys their prints to have soft flood lights in their homes. If you’re committing to a spend at Duggal, which has been known for their high end prints in the industry for years, then you’ll really hope that this print is going to be treated with the utmost care. But for the more consumer-oriented shooter, the new ShopDuggal.com is offering the same legendary quality at a more friendly price point.

Seriously, do you have a soft flood light?

Now here’s the thing: glossy, semi-gloss, and luster paper types often need to have light shining on them from above. Matte paper often needs to be shone directly onto the paper. But canvas? The ShopDuggal Canvas offerings are adaptable. Place them near window light in your kitchen, by your reading lamp in the living room, or let it hang out with the string lights in your bedroom.

Canvas has a special secret sauce: it’s a surface that doesn’t get heavily affected by the type of lighting that is shone on it. So that means that when your client/friend/mother buys your canvas print, it will look great in every single lighting situation. Just remember to print your image a bit brighter.

Unlike traditional photo prints, canvas prints (including those from ShopDuggal) are wrapped around the 1 1/2 inch frame and stretched. So that means that the outer edges of your photo will be around said frame and not directly on the front flat surface. Maybe you’re okay with this–maybe you’ll want to give your photo a white border to cater for this. Think of it sort of like giving a wooden frame a tight fitting t-shirt. There is a premium (pigment printing) and standard (latex printing) finish. Photographers can choose from an 8×8 canvas size all the way up to 50×40 inches–or if you’re in NYC, you can choose a 96×48 print.


Duggal also has this spiffy brand new feature for Canvas prints. Photographers can preview how their images will look when stretched and mounted onto the frame.

Want to see your artwork come to life in 3D? Try Shop Duggal‘s new 3D canvas preview feature for an amazing final look at your finished product before you order.