Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Geoffrey Berliner of the Penumbra Foundation

Geoffrey Berliner is one of the heads of the Penumbra Foundation and he joined us to talk about the analog world and his process.

On the last episode of Inside the Photographer’s Mind, we spoke with Geoffrey Berliner of the Penumbra Foundation. Geoffrey has an interesting background. He loved photography growing up, and then got into repairing fountain pens and other things, then came back to photography. Geoff is now one of the people who runs Penumbra and arguably the face of the organization. If you aren’t familiar with them, they’re an organization that specializes in the super old school photography techniques. It’s all about doing things slowly and with magic.

In the episode, we talked about how Geoff is really about doing work with people over landscapes and such, communicating with folks during portrait sessions, and his processes. Part of what makes Geoff and the work that Penumbra do so special are the processes. It’s wet plate collodion work along with Instant film, etc. From their midtown Manhattan location, they do a number of workshops, portrait sessions, etc.  Penumbra is also often seen at many events here in NYC such as Photoville, the Jazz Age Lawn party, etc.

More than anything else though, Geoff and I spoke about how to keep the analog photography world alive. It’s imperative because of the fact that it keeps folks connected to others when it comes to creating images. It forces us to be more mindful and it is probably the absolute best way to actually create images. The level of details you get and the fact that so much creative vision needs to go in first beforehand is huge.

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Chris Gampat

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