Boudoir Photographer Jen Rozenbaum on Using Photography for Healing

Boudoir Photographer Jen Rozenbaum talked to the Phoblographer’s Dan Ginn about how she’s evolved as a photographer and her business.

“Do you feel like photography is helping you with body confidence and helping you with where you are?” asks Dan to Boudoir Photographer Jen Rozenbaum in our latest video. Jen goes on to relate about how she’s been finding a way to turn her battle with cancer into something beautiful. And if you’ve been following the famous photographer, you’ll know just about what that journey has been like for her.

Jen’s business has been about empowering women to be more confident in who they are; and later on in our interview, she discusses the rapport she develops with her clients and how she works to make them more accepting of who they are. For many, this has been really difficult. As Jen states, 1,000 great images and one bad photo can be taken of a woman, and she will believe the terrible one.

Jen first discussed about how she started using the term “Shamelessly Feminine” and how it’s all about expressing it without shame. The term wasn’t hers, she admits. Instead, she was tagged with it on social media and then she adopted it and made it her own.

But perhaps the biggest thing that Jen talks about is how she’s recovered from cancer and used photography as a distraction. “It was a way for me to feel normal and just do what I love.” she tells Dan. Jen relates about how she’s writing a book on how she used photography to cope emotionally and mentally rather than just physically. Part of this has been about self portraiture. While she asks her clients to bare it all, she’s started to do it herself. This is important for many photographers because it helps change the mind a bit more.

We’ve featured Jen a number of times on the site, and she’s also made a list of our favorite women photographers.

Chris Gampat

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