Boudoir Photographer Jen Rozenbaum on Using Photography for Healing

Boudoir Photographer Jen Rozenbaum talked to the Phoblographer’s Dan Ginn about how she’s evolved as a photographer and her business.

“Do you feel like photography is helping you with body confidence and helping you with where you are?” asks Dan to Boudoir Photographer Jen Rozenbaum in our latest video. Jen goes on to relate about how she’s been finding a way to turn her battle with cancer into something beautiful. And if you’ve been following the famous photographer, you’ll know just about what that journey has been like for her.

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“Half-Light” Photo Book Chronicles the Life of a Photographer Battling With Cancer

Half-Light, a limited edition photo book, gives us a peek at the life of Shahrzad Darafsheh, a photographer and artist currently battling cancer in Tehran.

Those who are into collecting photobooks and publications that are deeply personal in their message and nature might want to check out a complex book to be independently published by Gnomic Book. Half-Light chronicles the life and experiences of Iranian photographer and artist Shahrzad Darafsheh, who has been battling cancer for some time now. The project has already been fully funded on Kickstarter, but there’s still time to grab a copy and show your support.

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Jose Ferreira Documents the Unique Battle of Men Against Breast Cancer

All images by Jose Ferreira. Used with permission.

When we speak of breast cancer, it’s almost always in reference to a woman’s battle against the disease. However, a small percent of men also get inflicted with this devastating condition. In a series of compelling documentary photographs by Lisbon-based Jose Ferreira, we get to picture the present situation concerning men’s breast cancer. The documentary portraits in black and white tell a powerful story on their own. But to create a clearer picture and raise better awareness, it helps to have some expert opinion on something as serious but rarely discussed as men’s breast cancer. Paired with Jose’s photography is an equally eye-opening write-up by Dr. Fatima Cardoso, the Breast Cancer Unit Director of Champalimaud Medical Center and the Head of the International Program for Men’s Breast Cancer.

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Jennifer Judkins: The Heartbreaking Story of a Father’s Decline After 9/11

All images by Jennifer Judkins. Used with permission.

Editor’s Note: an earlier title suggested that Jennifer’s father died to cancer. It was instead a multitude of things. We apologize for this error.

“…I always knew that what I was shooting was not for me. It was for others.” says photographer Jennifer Judkins about a documentary photography project she completed about her father’s passing. “So I looked at everything objectively. When someone would say oh, your dad looks sick here, I’d think, well look past that.” You see, Jennifer’s father isn’t just any passing–he was one of the workers that helped to clear debris from the World Trade Center after 9/11.

Jennifer calls Brooklyn, NY home right now, but is originally from Massachusetts. She was educated in Rhode Island and took this series up in 2007 as her college thesis project. For Jennifer, taking pictures was the easiest way to hide her own sorrow towards her late father’s life. “I’m incredibly glad I made the decision to document him because I think it is a great visual to put with the fight for rights and benefits for recovery workers and first responders.”

For anyone that’s photographed a very touching project, you’ll probably know just how rough it can be.

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