Cheap Photo: Get Over 300 Bokeh and Flare Photoshop Overlays for $19!

Add some sparkle to your images with these Photoshop overlays.

If you’ve been wanting a quick and easy way to add some sparkle and flare to your images, you’re going to love this deal. For a limited time you can get over 300 bokeh and flare Photoshop overlays for just $19! After the break you can find out exactly what you’ll get if you decide to grab this amazing deal.

This buy one get one free bundle comes with over 300 Photoshop overlays that will help you transform and elevate your images. Quickly add sparkle, flare, and bokeh to your work and make it stand out from the crowd with just a click of your mouse.

photoshop overlays

The 100 Lens Flare Effects bundle makes it incredibly simple to add gorgeous lighting effects to your images. All you have to do is place the chosen effect over your image, change the blending mode to screen, and you will have an image that will wow your clients.

This part of the bundle comes with 100 user-friendly lens flare effects that are super easy to use. Stop fussing with brushes or with poor-quality lens flares and grab these professional grade overlays that can add otherworldly effects to photos of the night sky, an ocean sunset, or portraits. Remember this buy one get one bundle is just $19!

The second part of this incredible bundle comes with over 200, high resolution gold and silver bokeh overlays. If you want an easy way to add some extra magic to your images, these beautiful bokeh overlays for Photoshop might be just what you’re looking for.

The gold and silver bokeh overlays will be able to add a touch of sparkle to your winter images. The golden tones will help make your images feel warm and cozy, while the silver bokeh overlays can be applied to images shot outside to make it look like snow was falling. The only limit to these overlays is your imagination.  They are compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, can be easily adjusted to fit your image, are compatible with any software that allows you to work with PNG and JPEG files, and are ready to print at resolutions of 300DPI.

All 300 + Photoshop overlays can be applied with just a click of your mouse. In seconds you can transform your images into masterpieces. It’s unheard of to get so many high quality overlays for just $19. Add these effects into your workflow and wow those who look at and purchase your images.

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