Carsten Witte Deconstructs Frankfurt in Dizzying Architectural Photography

All images by Carsten Witte. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve seen a great deal of noteworthy architectural photography in the recent years, a lot of them clean and minimalist, some mind-bending, some moody, and others trippy. We’re adding another one on the list: a collection of dizzying and hypnotic snaps of Frankfurt’s architecture by Hamburg-based photographer Carsten Witte. Aspiring architectural photographers could very well pick up some ideas from his unique take on the craft!

Previously, we put the spotlight on his photos of Dubai’s ultra modern monolithic architecture, which emphasized the form and stateliness of each building. This time, we revisit his Frankfurt Deconstruction series from 2016, which turns out to be one of the many “deconstructions” that he has made. In these sets, he turned to multiple exposures to transform the otherwise ordinary-looking structures and architectural elements into a trippy assembly of dizzying shapes, lines, and patterns.

The effect is more subtle in some photos, yet in others, you’ll surely start wondering if your eyes are messing with you. But it does add a different feel and an abstract dimension to architectural photography, effectively changing the way we see and interpret architecture. But, what’s even more interesting is how each series offers a distinct look, especially those that have unique architecture like that of Iberian Architecture and Hamburg Deconstruction. The Frankfurt Deconstruction series is particularly heavy with more organized patterns and shapes, similar to that of Copenhagen Deconstruction and Singapore Deconstruction.


Want more of these unique and mind-blowing architectural projects? You might also get inspired from the GRVTY series of Colombian photographer Daniel Garay Arango, especially if you’re into combining photography and digital art.

Also, don’t forget to check out Carsten Witte’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his hypnotic architectural photography and his other projects.