Pictures Speak a Thousand Words – A Love Letter to New York City by Photographer Andre Josselin

andre josselin

Photographer Andre Josselin writes a love letter to NYC with his Leica M (Typ 240). All Images by Andre Josselin and used with Creative Commons permission.

We all have certain places in the world that we want to visit. We build up the destination in our heads to such massive proportions that we then start to wonder whether the magical place can really live up to our expectations. Photographer Andre Josselin’s dream destination was New York City, and after a couple of years of things not going how he planned, he decided to visit the Big Apple. After the break check out some of the truly magical shots Andre was able to capture during his visit to his dream location.

During his trip to New York City, Andre Josselin captured the soul of the city with his Leica M (Typ 240), and through his images he penned a love letter to the city that never sleeps. His images show the hustle and bustle of the sprawling metropolis, the rain soaked streets where neon lights create beautiful reflections, the famous New York City Subway, and a few of the millions of characters who call the city home.

Andre Josselin posted his captivating project, titled New York City – A Love Letter, to his Behance page, and it immediately captured the attention of many (and for good reason). Andre had been planning his trip for a long time, and after a couple of hard years he decided the time was right to jump on a plane to visit.

Andre had no real concept in mind for the project; whatever happened would be by pure chance, and he believed that coming here and letting things play out by themselves would give him the best shot at being able to capture the city for how it really is. He lets the pictures do the talking, and they say a lot. He captured images that he believes tells the story of NYC, and show just how much he loved his time in the city.

Andre’s images show a vibrant, bustling city filled with culture and diversity. A city dominated by tremendous skyscrapers and a skyline unlike any other. He uses colors and lights to create the mood and feel of his images. Perhaps some of the images portray some of his own feelings after a rough few years.

There is no doubt his images are an ode to a city he truly admires. His dream destination lived up to his expectations, and he was able to capture moments and images that will stay with him forever.

andre josselin



Andre’s project was featured by Leica on their blog too, and he gave a lot of insight to his trip and the project overall during an interview with them. Be sure to check it out along with the rest of his stunning New York City images that are on his Behance page. If you like what you see head on over to his Instagram and his personal website too.

If you could visit one place in the world where would it be? Would you go with a concept in mind or would you let things play out naturally like Andre did? Let us know in the comments section below.


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