Get an Additional 50% off of These Pro Grade Lightroom Preset Bundles! (Few Hours Left!)

These Lightroom presets will not only save you time in post, they’ll save you a ton of money too! 

Being able to craft a consistent look and feel across all of your images can take a long time in post, but with the use of presets you can not only save many countless hours, you can also elevate your images to a higher level with the single click of your mouse. Right now you can save an additional 50% on Pro Lightroom Preset Bundle which has over 9,000 presets. For the next 24 hours this bundle is just $19.50!! The Lightroom Portrait Series which features over 30 unique brushes is just $9.50, and the elegant 5th Avenue Lightroom preset bundle is a steal at $13.50. Head on past the break to find out more about these and other red hot deals!

Don’t miss out on these great Lightroom Preset Bundles. We all know that being behind the camera is where we want to be. With these presets you’ll be able to spend less time in front of your computer and more time capturing amazing images.  Act fast though because these deals will be gone in 24 hours. Check out all of the bundles below.


2500+ Lightroom Presets In One Amazing Bundle


With over 2500 different presets in this bundle, you’ll be able to find exactly the look you’re after without breaking a sweat.  In this bundle you’ll find  750+ Vintage Presets, 600 Cinematic Presets, 186 Portrait Presets, 174 Color Correction Presets, 100 Winter Presets, 83 Matte Effect Presets, 46 Light Leak Presets, 42 Cinematography HDR Presets, 30 Wedding Presets, Retro Presets, and Sharpening Presets. All of these for just $14.50! Wow.

Buy now ($14.50): Photowhoa


240 Lightroom BeArt Presets Bundle


These Lightroom Presets from BeArt will be sure to set your images apart from the rest of the pack. Designed for fashion and upscale photography, the 240 presets are categorized into HDR, Nightclub, Food Photography, Matte, Black and White, Landscape and Travel. With just a few clicks you’ll be able to replicate the look of high fashion. All of the presets can be tweaked to your liking, and they are compatible with both Mac and Windows based machines. Grab them now for $19.50.

Buy now ($19.50): Photowhoa


5th Ave Beautiful Lightroom Presets & Custom Brushes Bundle


The 5th Ave Beautiful Lightroom presets will help speed things up in post. These wonderful presets have fashion, wedding, and portrait photographers in mind. With just one click they will give you a solid foundation to start with when it comes to editing your shots. You’ll be getting 70 Lightroom presets for fashion, wedding & portrait photography, and 30 Custom Lightroom brushes to retouch skin, eyes & hair. All of the presets are fully customizable and can be stacked. These are hard to pass up for just $13.50!

Buy now ($13.50): Photowhoa


Mega Bundle Of 9,000 Pro Lightroom Presets


This collection of 9,000 Lightroom presets has so many great options to choose from that you’ll always be able to find the right look for your images. Whether you’re looking vintage look, cinematic magic, fashion model presets, black and white, or duo tones, this bundle will have exactly what you’re looking for. This bundle has a suggested retail price of $1,000, but for 24 hours you can pick it up for $19.50! Better act quick though.

Buy now ($19.50): Photowhoa


1500+ Lightroom Presets Bundle + BONUS


With these Lightroom presets you’ll never struggle to achieve the effect you’re going after in Lightroom. You’ll be getting 1595 presets that cover everything from newborn photography to fall portraits, and whimsical portraits to classy black and whites. The best part is that you can start building your preset library for just $14.50!

Buy now ($14.50): Photowhoa


J. Cristina’s Portrait Retouching Brushes For Lightroom


lightroom presets


If you want to add the ability to really target specific areas of your portrait images in Lightroom then you will want to take a look at this collection of brushes. There are over 30 adjustment brushes included in this set and they will help you tweak your portraits and make them shine. There are brushes that will help you achieve perfect skin, razor definition, T-Zone highlights, skin CC and sunburn reduction, teeth whitening, eye color enhancer, and much more. For just 24 hours you can get all of these and much more for $9.50! You’d be crazy to not get them.

Buy now ($9.50): Photowhoa

Brett Day

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