How Legendary Photographer Steve McCurry Overcame Shyness to Become One of the Greats

Legendary photographer Steve McCurry can’t imagine life without a camera in his hands and refuses to retire; that is totally fine with us.

There is no doubt that Steve McCurry is one of the greatest photographers of our time. His dedication and commitment to the art of photography has gifted the world with some of the most captivating images ever seen. In a recent interview, Steve tells Kate Snow about how he started his journey into the world of photography, how he captured some of his most famous images, and how he still has to overcome his shyness to be able to approach people in the streets. Check out the insightful video interview after the break.

Steve McCurry is perhaps best known for his work of Afghanistan in the 80’s when the refugee crisis was in full swing. After sneaking into the country, McCurry wanted to share images with the world showing the plight of the Afghan people. It was here where Steve McCurry captured one of the most stunning portraits seen, ‘Afghan Girl’.

After a shaky start to life in the world of media production, McCurry decided he had to go all in if he was ever going to make his dream of becoming a photographer a reality, and so his journey began with a one way ticket to India.

In the interview which was recently shared by ISO 1200, Steve discusses how he captured some of his most famous shots, some of the dangers he placed himself in, the driving force behind him continuing in the field he loves so much, and how he had to overcome his own fears of rejection and shyness. The last one is something most of us as photographers deal with on a daily basis.

Check out the video above and then let us know in the comment section what your favorite Steve McCurry image is, and how you overcome your own fears of rejection and shyness when you’re out capturing images.

Brett Day

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