This Rollei 35 Classic Titanium Will Set You Back $2,600

How about adding some bling to your camera collection with this über fancy Rollei 35 Classic Titanium?

The adage “big things come in small packages” definitely rings true with the Rollei 35 Classic Titanium. This pocket-sized wonder not only delivers clear and sharp photos that rival some of its regular-sized counterparts, but it also comes in a sleek, titanium-plated body, too.

According to RolleiClub, Rollei Germany produced only 6,480 Rollei 35 Classic Titanium units between October 1990 and the end of 1996. Each one was said to have come “in a silver box with gray lens cap, gray real leather case with black piping, gold plated hand strap and multilingual manual” and was priced at around $1,400 back in 1996.

RolleiClub further describes the beauty of this camera:

“The lens is a Rollei Sonnar f/2.8 40mm. The top and bottom covers are titanium coated, while the middle covers and all other parts are platinum-coated, with the exception of the release button and lens release button which are gold-plated.

“Camera weight is 370 grams. Size 100.8 x 44.8 x 70.8mm.

“Serial numbers go from (5)(6)(7) and are encoded. This is the most ‘common’ model in the classic series. Also, one of the most beautiful classic Rollei 35 models.”

So luxurious! And now, you could indulge yourself with one of your own as eBay seller Karla Schmidt Collectibles ( is selling one unit that carries the serial number 6100844. This Rollei 35 Classic Titanium carries a “Buy It Now” price tag of US$2,600.

Here’s the description:

“This special edition camera from 1991 has never been used and is in new condition. My camera is number 6100844. The original box, testing certificate, warranty card, and import certificate all bar this number. Only the original user’s manual is without this number. The box that holds all the items has very minor user marks. The sleeve that protects this box has user marks. All papers are original and are in new condition.”

Whew! Sounds good? Drop by eBay now to place your bid, or to simply marvel at pictures of this camera.

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All images from Karla Schmidt Collectibles ( on eBay.