RNI Films for iPhone Now Supports RAW Format

Got RNI Films on your iPhone? You can now make RAW file edits on the go with the app’s latest update.

Great news for all photographers using RNI Films on their iPhones! Really Nice Images (RNI) has recently introduced support for RAW formats in the latest version of the app. Whether you’d like to give your RAW images a quick analog look or are curious about trying out this film-inspired photo editing app, this update should give you more options to do so on your iPhone.

The new version (v1.7) of the RNI Films app now features RAW formats support (for all camera models currently supported in iOS), high quality JPEG export, and subtle refinements of some of the existing film looks for better and more accurate rendering. Should you want to give it a try, RNI Films is available as a free app for download via the App Store with some optional in-app purchases.

First time hearing about this photo editing app? RNI Films is a small and lightweight iPhone app that has been around since 2015, as an option for mobile photo editing based on profiles and characteristics of real emulsions. That’s what differentiates it from the slew of other apps like VSCO, Instagram, and EyeEm. If you find yourself more inclined towards the popular analog aesthetic of various emulsions, you might find this app handy, especially with the latest RAW format support.

If you’re even more picky about the analog look and are leaning more towards the classic slide film look, you may also want to check out the RNI Colibri app. We’ll have to see if there will also be a RAW format support coming up for this.

Curious about trying out this film-inspired app and want to see how it performs? You might be interested in checking out our review of the early version of RNI Films.

Images via Really Nice Images