Verena Kersting Captures an Extra Surreal Iceland Using LomoChrome Purple Film

All LomoChrome Purple images by Verena Kersting. Used with permission.

The LomoChrome Purple film is without a doubt one of the trippiest, most interesting things we can enjoy with today’s film photography resurgence. It has become a film traveler’s staple, especially for locations with lots of greenery for pleasantly surreal keepsakes of their trips. Case in point is this captivating set that Germany-based Verena Kersting took during her trip to Iceland in 2013.

Kersting couldn’t have picked a more fitting location to shoot the 35mm LomoChrome Purple film she loaded in her Canon Rebel. Her set, aptly titled Mystic Iceland, shows a collection of the island nation’s majestic vistas, made extra magical by the surreal, purple hues that the film has become known for.

“The most fascinating thing about these photos was that I did not even know how intense the colors would come up,” she said about the results she got from the LomoChrome Purple. “I love this film so much, and Iceland was one of the best spots to shoot with this type of film. Iceland is so magical, and this quality comes through in these pictures. Green is transformed into purple. Since there are so many green areas, they were absolute highlights for taking pictures with this film.”


Even more eye-catching is the variety of purples and crimsons in Mystic Iceland, punctuated by vibrant blues and cyans. Some of the photos of the same location even resulted in completely different colors. These psychedelic hues gave the sprawling landscapes and seascapes an extra uncanny look, proving that this emulsion is worthy of being every film photographer’s travel staple.

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Do check out Verena Kersting’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of her photography.