Video: What Makes the Nikon Z7 Viewfinder so Special?

One of the things Nikon is most proud of with the Nikon z7 is the viewfinder, and we found out why.

At Photo Plus Expo 2018, we got a chance to ask Nikon about the viewfinder in their new Nikon z7 camera. During their presentation to the press, what their engineers said they were most proud of is the viewfinder in the camera. Nikon’s Lindsay Silverman explained to us why. According to him, Nikon really did a lot here. In fact, there are Nikkor optics in the viewfinder and they have things like fluorine coatings. In fact, it’s designed pretty much like a Nikkor lens. You like Nikkor glass, right?

According to Nikon’s own website:

“Nikon’s EVF in the Z series cameras provides users with a clear and comfortable view of the subject. With minimal lag and blackout—you’ll experience the feel and responsiveness of an optical viewfinder. The approx. 3.6M-dot Quad-VGA electronic viewfinder boasts approx. 100% frame coverage and approx. 37.0° diagonal viewing angle.

Along with Nikon’s optical and image-processing technology, the Z series’ EVF ensures a clear and comfortable view with reduced aberration and minimum eyestrain, even when shooting for extended periods of time. A Fluorine coat is applied to the eyepiece protection window (the element closest to where your eye rests) to reduce flare and repel dirt.”

We’ve been working with and testing the Nikon z7 for a few weeks now, and we’re very impressed with the viewfinder too. If anything, it’s one of the camera’s biggest strengths. Despite a number of other concerns though, we still have to admit that it isn’t a bad camera overall. But considering that Nikon had years to make it, we’re amazed that they felt the biggest emphasis here needed to be on the viewfinder.

Stay tuned for our full review, which is still in the works.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.