Kris Provoost Showcases Shanghai’s Architecture in Stunning Minimalism

All images by Kris Provoost. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you’re an architecture fan or architectural photographer looking for your next Asian destination to shoot, we’ve got you covered. Previously, we’ve seen the urban geometry and color studies of Seoul and Hong Kong. Today, we’re adding to the list the stunning modern architecture of Shanghai, photographed by Belgian-born architect and photographer Kris Provoost.

We can say that Provoost is actually one of the best people out there to take us to an architecture-centric tour around Shanghai and other Asian cities. He moved to Beijing in 2010 and began his architecture career working for esteemed design firms such as Zaha Hadid Architects Buro Ole Scheeren. He relocated to Shanghai next in 2013 and joined GMP Architekten, where he still works. Apart from designing architecture, he has also been making architecture and infrastructure photo and video projects for clients. He published Beautified China last year, a photo essay highlighting the iconic architecture spread around Beijing. He followed it up with Beautified China II, which featured China’s other cities, including Shanghai.

He did a round-up solely for the city in another set aptly titled Sensational Shanghai, which we’re looking at in this feature. The series features mostly new buildings, with the exception of the Oriental Pearl Tower which was completed in 1994. Here, we see the same minimalist approach he used for his other photography projects, where he deconstructs the buildings to their most stunning elements. This allows the viewers to take in and appreciate all the details that went into the design and construction of these stunning urban masterpieces.

It has an evidently different feel from the black and white minimalist architectural photography we’ve previously featured since it also plays with color and doesn’t appear as abstract. However, it makes use of the same attention to detail to bring the focus on the ultra modern lines, shapes, and patterns of Shanghai’s architectural treasures.

Do check out Kris Provoost’s website and Behance portfolio if you want more inspiration for beautiful, minimalist architectural photography in color.