Selvy Ngantung’s Minimal Long Exposure Landscapes are Haunting

All images by Selvy Ngantung. Used with permission.

A photograph may be viewed for a second, a minute, maybe two. The person that views it seldom, if ever, is held for the same amount of time it took for the photographer to create the image. For Indonesian landscape photographer Selvy Ngantung, the more time she puts into her work, the better she feels. “When I’m making my photographs I’m filled with enjoyment,” she says. From planning to walking to taking several long exposures, she’s always connected to the process. “…each and every second I spend creating photographs, I’m putting my creativity and imagination into my work”.

And whilst her audience may not spend as long viewing a single image as she does making it, her purpose remains the same; “I craft my work so that the viewers are able to capture the emotions I’m feeling through the images I make.” Impressed by her work ethic and in awe of her images, we were super excited to get deep into the process of this fantastic photographer.

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Jeff Karp’s Beautiful Street Photography Finds Light in the Darkness

All images by Jeff Karp. Used with permission.

Jeff Karp is an exceptional street photographer. In a short period of time, he has amassed a strong, supportive following through Instagram. “I am so grateful and humbled by every person who chooses to authentically follow,” he says when speaking of his rise to success. This, however, is not someone who is solely focused on popularity. Here is a man who takes street photography very seriously. He is just as passionate about improving as he is creating – clearly evident through the images he makes. A street photography journey that’s still very much in its birth, Jeff tells us, “I work every day to get better”.

Jeff very kindly took time out of his busy schedule to chat to us about his experience in street photography so far…

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Tom Leighton’s Contrails Explores the Concept of Drawing with Smoke

All images by Tom Leighton. Used with Creative Commons permission. 

Minimalist photography, at its most basic concept, does involve stripping a scene down to it barest elements. The focus is often on a monochromatic palette, a simple synchronicity of shapes, a sprawl of patterns, punchy contrast, or a singular subject. Or, it could be a combination of any of these elements. However, it’s not as easy as shooting something that looks “simple” or empty enough. In his set titled Contrails, London-based photographer and printmaker Tom Leighton shows us how to achieve a clean and minimalist look yet still have a clear and interesting subject.

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Mario Daniele Transforms Beach Scenes Into a Painterly Surf Series

All photos by Mario Daniele. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The mere mention of surfing gets us imagining scenes of stoked surfers riding these big hypnotic waves and the unique lifestyle they lead. We are reminded of those close-up shots of the surfers in all their energy, the beauty of the raging ocean, and the hard work countless photographers put in just to capture the perfect action shots. In this body of work by Italian photographer Mario Daniele, however, we instead view surf life as an exercise in minimalist photography but through what looks like paintings at times.

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Antonio Gouveia on Creating an Atmosphere for Minimalist Photography

All images by Antonio Gouveia. Used with permission.

When it comes to the minimalist approach in landscape photography, we see a lot of different subjects and subtle variations in style. But the look and feel of the images remain consistent enough for the sub-genre to stand on its own: heavily atmospheric, minimalist, and dramatic in monochrome. It has also become a popular approach to architectural photography, and it’s not uncommon for some photographers to do it for both genres. UK-based Antonio Gouveia is one who often captures a good mix of natural and man-made elements in his minimalist work.

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How to Use Negative Space to Create Interesting Minimalist Photos

Simplicity is beauty, and clever use of negative space will let you achieve that.

Ever felt like experimenting with negative space and minimalist photography? It can come in handy for your photography projects, so it’s a trick worth knowing how to pull off. All you need to get started is a big sheet of white board paper, a coffee cup, and some coffee (or similarly-colored liquid). Once you have those ready, proceed to this quick video tutorial to show you how it’s done.

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Kris Provoost Showcases Shanghai’s Architecture in Stunning Minimalism

All images by Kris Provoost. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you’re an architecture fan or architectural photographer looking for your next Asian destination to shoot, we’ve got you covered. Previously, we’ve seen the urban geometry and color studies of Seoul and Hong Kong. Today, we’re adding to the list the stunning modern architecture of Shanghai, photographed by Belgian-born architect and photographer Kris Provoost.

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Birgit Schlosser Shares Her Beautiful Minimalist Architecture Photographs of Lanzarote

All images by Birgit Schlosser. Used with permission.

For anyone who’s used to seeing highrises made of steel and glass and concrete, and wooden structures painted in various colors every single day, Lanzarote, the fourth largest island in the Canaries, would be a refreshing sight to behold as experienced by Birgit Schlosser. As is the case in the more popular Santorini and its own white structures, all of the houses in Lanzarote are painted white on the outside due to strict implementation by local authorities. Pops of color appear only on painted shutters which are either green in the countryside or blue by the sea.

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Daniel Tjongari’s Black and White Photos of Lone Mangroves Will Put You in Awe

All images by Daniel Tjongari. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The tranquil allure of nature is often amplified in minimalist approaches to landscape photography, and we’ve featured a number of stunning examples to demonstrate this. The latest addition to our roster of favorites is the collection of serene seascapes by Daniel Tjongari of Surabaya, Indonesia. Anyone in need of some inspiration in the realms of nature, minimalist, and landscape photography should definitely check his work out.

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Helena Georgiou: Clever Minimalism in Street Photography

All images by Helena Georgiou. Used with permission.

Minimalism in photography may seem easy to achieve in theory. But, if there’s anything our previous features on this visual style have proven, it’s that the most effective and compelling results require some clever thinking. It’s not simply about putting a singular subject against a plain background, as Cyprus-based photographer and digital artist Helena Georgiou demonstrates in her brilliant minimalist photography.

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Florian Wenzel Illustrates the Power of Color in “Farbfleck”

All images by Florian Wenzel. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The power of color in photography isn’t always in the display of the most vibrant hues, or filling the frame with the most eye-catching color combinations. It’s also evident in the simplicity of minimalist techniques and approaches. German photographer Florian Wenzel demonstrates how this works with a short series curiously titled Farbfleck.

In this set that is part conceptual and largely landscape-driven, Florian was inspired by an idea encapsulated in a quote by a German musician. “I’m a spot of color in a black and white world.” His train of thought later moves into the melancholic imagery often best depicted in black and white. “You just lay in your bed for hours, sad, and you don’t know why. It’s like the colors disappear and you turn black and white like the world around you.”

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George Digalakis Showcases the Tranquil Allure of Minimalist Monochrome Landscapes

All images by George Digalakis. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When we speak of landscape photography, minimalism isn’t usually the first technique or style that comes to mind. With black and white, however, there’s more of that given the strong influence of masters, particularly Ansel Adams. When you combine the two, the results are actually stunning, as landscape and fine art photographer George Digalakis demonstrates in his Minimal Landscapes set.

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Florian Mueller Celebrates the Beauty of Architecture with Distraction-Free “Singularity”

All images by Florian Mueller. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Without a doubt, there’s something hypnotic about the dizzying mix of buildings and skyscrapers in many of the architectural photography and street snaps we find. Still, for Germany-based Florian Mueller, one of the best ways to embody the beauty of buildings around the world is to capture them on their own, much like minimalist portraits. Hence, his Singularity project was born.

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Minimalist Photography Tip: Liken Your Photo to a Painter’s Canvas

Minimalist photography may sound easy in theory, but it’s challenging when you’re not working with a blank canvas. Photographers, like painters, work with a canvas to create their visual masterpieces. However, the differences in the craft aren’t limited to the tools of the trade. The canvas itself offers a clue on how these two kinds of artists work and the challenges they face to create an artistic image.

In painting, there’s a blank canvas to work with so the painter has the freedom to create an image from scratch. The photographer, in contrast, starts with a canvas that’s already full. Therefore, if the challenge for the painter is to fill the canvas, the photographer’s objective is to empty it.

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