Justyna Zduńczyk’s Hong Kong Puzzles Is a Quiet Study of Color and Geometric Shapes

All images by Justyna Zduńczyk. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When you look at Justyna Zduńczyk’s Hong Kong Puzzles, you’ll find a myriad of things to look and and ponder over. The series, which was obviously shot in Hong Kong, puts the city’s apartments under the magnifying glass and tries to make sense of them in an orderly way. One of the most interesting parts of the project is that it was photographed in a way that puts an emphasis on the pastel colors contrasting with the very plain white backgrounds of the city. Perhaps indeed pollution can make for great photography.

Justyna is very meticulous about each photo as she tries to put out images which are each unique and can more or less stand out on their own. With that many people in Hong Kong, it’s pretty simple to do. As you look at the little details, you find bits of personality to each apartment like people who wash their clothes and dry them on the balcony amongst other tidbits. Of course, you also get a glimpse at a whole lot of monotony as the city’s buildings aren’t all that much different from one another in the series. But again, Justyna uses shapes, colors and tones to make things stand out and overall different.

Typically, this is sometimes very difficult to do. Ask any landscape photographer–how many times can you photograph the same sunset over and over again? Maybe you’ll change lenses, angles, lighting, etc. But again, there isn’t that much to be said that’s unique and an overall different perspective. However, Justyna manages to do that here–and that’s part of the marvelous masterpiece that she has captured.

More photos are below.

ure to check out the rest of Hong Kong Puzzles over at Justyna’s Behance page.

Chris Gampat

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