Polaroid Originals Makes Instant Photography Extra Creative with OneStep+ and App

Polaroid Originals lets you get extra creative with your Polaroid snaps with the new OneStep+ i-Type Camera.

If you missed out on the Polaroid OneStep 2, it could actually be a good thing. You might be getting a better option with the new OneStep+ and all its fun upgrades. This new i-Type Polaroid camera promises to give you more ways to play by simply connecting it to the Polaroid Originals app.

By combining the analog fun of Polaroid cameras with handy mobile functionalities, the company has essentially come up with a cool mix of the new and the old. Connect the OneStep+ i-Type camera to the Polaroid Originals app via Bluetooth and you can access six tools that let you get even more creative with your instant photos. These include two fun analog favorites: the double exposure function, which lets you overlap two shots in one print; and the light painting mode, which lets you use long exposures to write or draw stuff in your photo using any light source.

For those who want extra control over their instant photos, the manual mode allows setting of the camera’s shutter speed, aperture, flash intensity, and photo ejection using the app. There’s also a self-timer for setting a countdown of up to 12 seconds before the camera takes a shot. With the remote trigger function, you can use your phone to trigger the shutter — perfect for group shots! Lastly, with the noise trigger, which uses your phone’s microphone to trigger the shutter with a sound, you can take pictures with a snap of a finger, a clap, or even saying “cheese!” out loud with your friends.

Want to know exactly how to use these tools? Check out the Polaroid Originals Magazine posts here and here for their quick two-part guide, and their handy videos on how to get started.

The OneStep+ goes for a little more than the OneStep2 at $159.99, but we bet it’s all worth it given all the cool things you can now do to spice up your instant snaps. Head to the Polaroid Originals website to find out more and get yourself one.

Screenshot images from the video by Polaroid Originals