Understanding the Way We See Color in Under 10 Minutes

Learn the basics of color in this four-part video series. 

Color is one of those things that are literally all around us all the time. As such, we have gotten so used to its presence that we overlook it quite often. But if you pause for a moment to think about it, you’ll remember its importance in creating visually stunning pictures.

But let’s backtrack for a second here. Why and how to do we see color, anyway? This four-part video series uploaded by YouTube user colourchat goes back the beginning to explain the basics of color theory.

Each clip runs for just less than two minutes and although it’s a little technical, the entire lesson is easy to understand even for beginners. It barely scratches the surface of color theory but this series covers what causes us to perceive color, how we see color, what terms we use to describe them, and how colors beyond red, green, and blue are produced.

Take a peek at the first video below, then head to this playlist to watch the rest. Make sure to watch it in order so you don’t get confused!

Done? If you want to know how you can use color in your craft, read this piece listing down 10 tips to help you improve your use of color in your photos. If that’s not enough, jump onto this piece to see how you can use color to enhance your storytelling. Lastly, to see color theory in action, read through this feature on how an impossibly colored image was saved by utilizing color theory, white balance, and Adobe Lightroom 3.

There’s not really one right or wrong way to use it, but if you keep these lessons in mind, you’ll able to harness the power of color and use it to your advantage.

Screenshot taken from the video on additive color mixing.