Get Crafty With Your Instant Photos and Make Some Polaroid Transparencies

Feeling experimental with your Polaroid snaps? Here’s a simple tutorial that will transform them into fun Polaroid transparencies.

The MiNT team has recently shared with us a quick and easy project for instant photography fans, particularly those who are fond of shooting with Polaroid films. Aside from emulsion lifts, transfers, collages, or simply hanging them up or taping them on your wall, why not try making Polaroid transparencies?

If making Polaroid transparencies sounds like a funky project, it actually kind of is. That’s why we have to warn you that this involves a permanent change to your print: taking off the front half, or the positive layer. For those who are brave enough to sacrifice a few prints for this project, you’ll only need some B&W and Duochrome Films (the tutorial only applies to these films), your trusty Polaroid camera, and a cutter.  If you’re using a Polaroid SX-70 camera, MiNT also recommends using their Flash Bar to illuminate your subjects indoors, and their Yellow Filter to enhance the contrast of your black and white photos.

Got all your materials? Proceed to the video below for the instructions:

That’s an easy one, yes? You can then hang the transparencies as you would with the normal prints, stick them on your journals, and even tape them on clear windows.

Keep in mind some quick tips from the the MiNT folks for best results:

  1. Make sure that your prints are fully developed before altering them. Developing time usually takes 10 – 15 minutes.
  2. Use prints that you’ve shot and developed within the day.
  3. Snaps that are sharp and clear produce clearer images on the transparencies.

If you’re feeling even more experimental and daring, why not try popping your prints in a microwave? It really is pushing things to the extreme and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart, so proceed with caution!