Did Nikon Drop the Ball By Giving the Nikon Z7 and Nikon Z6 a Single XQD Slot?

Nikon Mirrorless D5
The single XQD card slot on the Nikon Z6 and the Nikon Z7 have been a hotly contested point of conversation for days now.

Before anyone thinks all I’m trying to do is be a Sony Champion or just sling some mud, please hear me out and know that I don’t think that Nikon’s decision could be all that awful of an idea. “Really?” you say?! Yes, although Sony themselves eventually gave up on the Memory Stick Duo format that was pretty awful, the better part of me likes to think Nikon and consumers who actually purchase the cameras are going to approach this situation in a much different way.

Editor’s Note: Some of this may be taken as a hard dose of the #truth.

You’ll Stop Using the SD Card Slot on Your Computer and Use the USB Cable Instead

So why would photographers complain about using a new card format? Well, they probably spent a lot of money on all the cards they have already. That and if you’re like me, you only buy computing devices that have SD card slots in them. Otherwise, they’re a waste of time. But years ago when I went from SD card cameras to CF format cameras (and now SD again) I ended up using the USB cable or a card reader when I needed to. It was an expense, specifically a business expense, you write off as technology on your taxes.

In the long run, was it useless? Yes. But in the short term it’s what I needed and I’ll never regret it. You’ll do the same thing if you go for the Nikon Z7 or the Nikon Z6.

The Card Will Probably Never Leave the Camera

You’ll put the card into the camera, you’ll use the cable, and that will be the end of it. You’ll never see or think about the card again the way so many photographers do. Why? Again, you’ll use the USB cable. If not, then pretty much every modern computer will have USB ports for you to connect a card reader. That’s it.

Nikon Will Work with Retailers to Create Bundle Packs with Cards

Knowing how savvy Nikon can be with rebates and such, they’re bound to work with retailers on bundle deals. You know: buy the camera then get a tripod, a bag, a UV filter that you’re never going to use, a memory card or two, and maybe something else. All these retailers have house brands where they try to push their own products. Those are the ones you’ll get.

But Why No Dual Slots?

This perhaps is the biggest question. The reason why Nikon didn’t put Dual slots into the cameras is a baffling one. They’re larger than Sony’s cameras and even Fujifilm’s. Why no two XQD or XQD and SD? Granted, I’ve never had a memory card fail on me while doing a job that I haven’t been able to recover the data from. But I guess all that means is that, well, photographers will need to look into data recovery! In fact, I think everyone should have some sort of solution to begin with, especially if you’re doing this professionally or even semi-professionally.

Lastly: This Camera Series Is to Win Back and Keep Their Own Customers

Yes, it’s true. They’re trying to keep their current customers happy who have cameras with XQD slots.