New Video: Nikon Z Series Cameras and Lens Overview (More Sample Images)

Our latest video on our IGTV addresses Nikon’s latest camera, the Nikon Z7 and the Nikon Z6. 

Earlier this week, we got to play with the new Nikon Z7, and while playing with it, we found that we really liked it. We’ve also compared the Nikon Z series to the Sony series of cameras, We discuss a bit of that in this latest video too.

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Overall, some of our findings:

  • Nikon is better built
  • Nikon has better weather sealing
  • Nikon has autofocus on par with Sony
  • Nikon’s lenses are very good
  • Nikon’s autofocus suffers only really when it comes to tracking
  • The Nikon menu interface is superior to Sony’s
  • If you’re a Sony user there is no good reason to switch over unless you need to weather sealing or extra speed
  • Nikon more or less just matches Sony and doesn’t do enough to supersede them
  • Nikon is pushing the use of their F series lenses more than anything else
  • Nikon kept an auto mode on this camera

We have yet to test a final, production model of the Nikon cameras, but thus far what we’re finding is very good. Nikon has had a very long time to develop these cameras, but I feel like they’ve only just caught up. I’m not quite sure why they’re not trying to outdo Sony. They should have arguably launched with more lenses, a higher resolution sensor on both the Z6 and the Z7 with the same performance, and they also should have found other really great innovations. But instead, I feel like Nikon is just saying, “We can do this too,” and not pushing the boundaries otherwise.

To be honest, I feel like no one is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible at all except for Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, and Fujifilm. With Nikon, there isn’t very much distinguishing them from Sony.

Extra Sample Images

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