Want to Get Into Leica on the Cheap? Go Steal One!!! (No, Not Really)

You don’t need to spend a whole ton of money to get into Leica cameras on the cheap.

Every photographer, whether or not they want to admit it, has dreamed of a Leica at one point or another. Their ergonomics are top notch, the reliability of their film cameras has always been top notch with recent digital editions following suit, and they’re cameras that you truly need to work and save for. But if you want to get into owning a Leica and working with the system, there are ways to lower the barrier of entry.

On our recent Instagram TV special, we showed people how to get into owning a Leica (or two) on the cheap side. The secret sauce? Film! Yes, the cost of film adds up over time, but if you shoot with film emulsions that digital cameras can’t mimic, then you’ll get something very unique. That makes shooting film with the Leica even more worth it. Once you secure a camera, you’ll need a lens. While photographers will say you’re doing an injustice by not using Leica’s lenses, you can say the same thing for not buying their lenses in the first place–to a point. Of course, Leica’s sensors are designed to take the most advantage of the glass and the design.

Anyway, 7Artisans and Voigtlander make great lenses for Leica. On top of that, they’re very affordable. You can get a Leica M4p or a Leica CL at a great price, and sometimes you can even get the CL with a 40mm f2. This lens is said to be one of Leica’s sharpest ever made. In that case, why not go for it? I’ve always said (and I will stand by it) that if you want to be serious about photography, you should try every single medium available and experiment within the confines of the format. Otherwise, you’re more or less a one trick pony.

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PS: why the title? I have a specific troll segment in the video about stealing a Leica. Don’t do that…

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.