The Peak Design Travel Backpack is Promising Lots of Versatility

Though they arguably don’t need to be on Kickstarter at this point, the new Peak Design Travel Backpack is being fundraised there.

There has been a big uptick in the past few years for photographers who love backpacks, and the latest option is the new Peak Design Travel Backpack. This is part of a brand new series; and so at the moment it only comes in the vanilla flavor. With that said though, you can always customize it and turn the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L into a 35L via a bit of tinkering. What’s more, the new Peak Design Travel Backpack can have its internals customized even further with cubes that are placed inside.

If a photographer wants to use the Peak Design Travel Backpack for work, then they can use the specific photo cubes designed to accommodate your lifestyle. Like the WANDRD system, they include padded dividers and will section off the entire photo gear area of the bag. Others have done this too ranging from Tenba’s great implementation to VINTA’s head scratching applications. With Peak, we’re sure that they’re going to be pretty great, but we have yet to test them out.

An important takeaway from the press release:

“The hero of the Travel Line is the Travel Backpack 45L, a carry-on sized backpack that boasts a collection of best-in-class travel functionality. In addition to full rear access for easy packing, the bag features dual side access, top access to laptop/tablet, and a dedicated front-access organization panel for smaller items. Beefy shoulder and waist straps stow instantly beneath a magnetically sealed back pad. Expansion zips allow the bag to grow to 45L check-in size, while an innovative compression snap system shrinks the bag down to a 35L daypack. Thoughtful details include 360-degree grab handles, a duffle/luggage carry handle, theft-deterrent zips, hidden passport pockets, a soft-lined sunglasses pocket, and tuck-away external carry compression straps. The Travel Backpack comes with a weatherproof 400D nylon canvas shell made from 100% recycled plastics and available in black or sage colorways.”

The Peak Design Travel Backpack will come in two colors: black, for those of you who prefer to skulk around at night and sage, for those of you who just want to watch the world burn. More information can be found on Peak Design’s kickstarter page. Tech specs are down below.

Peak Design 45L Travel Backpack

MSRP: $299.95
Available on Kickstarter for a Limited Time: $235


  •  Full back panel-load access for packing
  •  Dual zippered side hatches for instant camera access
  •  Quick tablet & laptop access
  •  Dedicated front organization panel
  •  Soft-lined sunglasses pocket
  •  Hidden passport/document pockets
  •  Bag sits upright on floor when packed or empty

Expansion & Compression

  •  Maximum international carry on size in normal 35L state
  •  Expansion zip gives additional 10L of storage (45L max)
  •  Compressible down to 30L day bag size
  •  Expandable side pockets for water bottles, tripods
  •  Tuck-away external carry compression straps


  •  Rigidly supported sidewalls for easy packing
  •  Zippered dividing panel separates bag into 2 compartments, or stows away for 1 large volume
  •  Front organization panel contains 4 zippered mesh pockets for smaller items
  •  Mount Camera Cubes (sold separately) internally for back or side access to photo, drone, or video gear
  •  Protected luggage tag holder

Comfort & Portability

  •  Magnetic strap storage system
  •  360-degree grab handles
  •  Full-size padded hip belt with additional pockets and attachment points for Capture & Range Pouch (soldseparately)
  •  Axial strap attachments for shoulder & hip straps give constant comfort for all body types and carry loads
  •  Proprietary sternum strap
  •  Luggage pass-through and duffel grab handle
  •  Back panel folds under for increased ventilation & comfortSecurity




  •  400D weatherproof 100% recycled nylon canvas shell
  •  DWR impregnated, PU-coated interior for water resistance
  •  Oversized #8 (front, side) and #10 (back) main zips are weatherproof and lockable
  •  Rugged 900D weatherproof bottom liner
  •  Ultralight padded foam provides security, structure, and aesthetic cleanliness around entire bag


Packing Cubes (MSRP: Sm – $29.95, Md – $39.95) – Compressible, easy to access, and dividable, Peak Design Packing Cubes are available in 2 sizes. A tear-away main zip lets you access contents instantly, and an internal divider allows separation of clean and dirty clothes. An expansion/compression zip doubles available space or compresses clothes so you can fit more in your bag.

Camera Cubes (MSRP: Sm – $49.95, Md – $69.95, Lg – $89.95) – Camera Cubes provide protection, organization, and instant access to camera, video, and drone gear. Securely mount Camera Cubes inside the Travel Backpack and access your gear via the rear or side zips. Tuck-away lids let you access camera gear from outside of the bag via a single zip, while a system of intelligently designed dividers allows for endless organization and customization.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.