The Canonet G-III QL-17 in Gorgeous White Leather Will Make You Drool

If you’ve been looking for a Canonet G-III QL-17 to add to your vintage camera collection, you might want to consider this gorgeous, white leather version

Whether you’ve been searching for a Canonet G-III QL-17 recently or quite a while now, we can’t blame you for wanting to have it in your analog arsenal. Our latest vintage find will make you want it even more. Well, at least if you’re after a stylish version in gorgeous, white leather!

Aside from the beautiful leather change, the Canonet G-III QL-17 listed by filmscore_guy has also been CLA’d, so you can be sure that it’s in perfect working condition. Cosmetics wise, the body is also in great shape with minimal scratches from use. The lens has no scratches or fungus, and the aperture blades are clean and snappy. The camera comes with the front lens cap,  So if you decide to get this camera, you’re all set for some serious street shooting, and turning heads while you’re at it!

Most street photographers and film photographers know exactly what makes this camera special. Often dubbed as the “Poor Man’s Leica,” this beauty was introduced by Canon in 1972 as the third generation of the 35mm Canonet rangefinder cameras. While aimed at enthusiasts on a budget and intermediate point-and-shoot photographers, it’s now sought after by film photographers looking to do street photography with a fast-lensed compact shooter. Its features include shutter-priority auto exposure and full manual modes, a 40mm f1.7 lens with six elements in four groups,  and flash sync at all speeds. It’s direct competitor? According to Camera Quest, it’s the Leica CL, minus the interchangeable lenses, of course.

Now, before we forget the most important detail, this gorgeous Canonet G-III QL-17 is yours if you buy it now for $250. Kind of a steep price for this model, but it’s the only one in white leather out there, unless you want to re-skin one yourself!

All images from the ebay listing by filmscore_guy