This Kickstarter Project Offers a Printable Diorama Set for 1/12 Scale Figures

Here’s a project perfect for those who like making and photographing diorama projects

If you like staging your own clever and creative scenes to photograph, you might be interested in this Kickstarter project. Edinburgh-based Simon Lindsay is pitching a set of five printable scenes for your next articulated comic book art (ACBA) diorama projects.

When we shared the impressive projects of Clemens Wirth and Amr Elshamy, among the things we realized is that many photographers also often practice one or more creative disciplines. Macro photographers and fine art photographers are also very much into model building and miniature-making. Articulated comic book art enthusiasts are also pretty much the same, collecting action figures and setting up dioramas for them to display or photograph.

Simon is hoping to produce a set of five printable 1/12 scaled diorama themes, four of which are typically used by the ACBA community: Hallway, Alleyway, Sci Fi, and Warehouse. As for the fifth, he’ll let backers decide with a vote. The files for full diorama packages and an extra for print and fold wooden crate designs will be digitally delivered.

Some of you may be wondering, why can’t he just straight out sell the designs he has? Simon is at least honest about what he needs in the campaign: he hopes to get his gear upgraded and use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop to achieve polished versions with hi-res textures and renders of the prototypes he shared. That’s where his target funding of $3,545 will go.

If you’re part of the ACBA community and want to see how far Simon can take this diorama project, or you’re interested in using his dioramas for your own miniature photography projects, this may be something you’d like to support. You can get the early bird Full Diorama Package with a pledge of at least £40 (about US $57). Check out the Kickstarter campaign to learn more and back the project.