Jesse Feyereisen Doesn’t Toy Around with His New Hobby

“It’s both challenging and rewarding,” says Wisconsin resident Jesse Feyereisen about his newfound love for photographing toy figurines. What started as a random shot of a Darth Vader figure he received for Christmas turned into a passionate fascination for producing cinematic scenes with toys as the heroes of the photographs. As Jesse explains, it’s more than just close-up photography, with much pre- and post-production work needed. With the results sometimes rivaling what you see on the big screens, he’s really making images that look out of this world.

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Matthew Cohen Brings Out His Inner Child in Impressive Toy Photography

All toy photography and words by Matthew Cohen. Used with permission.

Three years ago, I was sitting in my apartment having buyers remorse after receiving a pricey action figure I had purchased. After the initial cool factor wore off, I was wondering what I was going to do with this potential dust magnet I had bought. I ended up stumbling upon an entire community of toy photographers, a hobby I wasn’t aware even existed. It was inspiring. Photographers like Sgt. Bananas (Johnny Wu) and Noserain (Richee Chang) brought out my inner child and I thought to myself, “Hey, I want to do this too. I can do this.” I grabbed an old point and shoot and a plastic tripod I had laying around and began to teach myself toy photography.

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