7 Beautiful Camera Straps with Both Functionality and Good Looks

In the market for a new camera strap? Then look no further!

There are a number of great leather and canvas camera straps currently on the market. Some have been Kickstarted while others began all on their own. But the problem that many folks complain about with these straps is that they’re too pretty and often not functional enough. Well, say no more: thess camera straps are bound to impress you.

We went through our reviews index and found a number of fantastic camera straps that you’re going to want to use immediately.

Holdfast Gear Maven Camera Strap

In our review, we say:

“The Holdfast Gear Maven Strap is really nice. Pricey? Sure. Will it outlive you? Most likely. It’s also an expensive leather and when you purchase one you know that you’re supporting something being American made–which seems to be a trend now. But in all honestly, I think these are well worth the value when you consider that they’re bound to last you the rest of your life.”

Hawkesmill Camera Straps

In our review we say:

The Hawkesmill camera straps are incredibly well made, feel great, and overall have a nice appeal to them. They surely do their job and they do it rather well. But they’re also expensive. The reason for this has to do with the leather being used. Horween Chromexcel leather isn’t cheap and is a creme de la creme for leathers.

If you want one strap that’s absolutely perfect and gives you room to make adjustments accordingly, then spring for these straps. Otherwise, consider what Great State, Cub and Co and TAP and DYE make.

TAP and DYE Nero Horween Chromexcel Strap

In our review, we say:

“The Tap and Dye Horween Chromexcel strap is simple to attach to your camera as long as you’ve got finger nails, thumb power and patience. Once it’s on properly though, you’ll enjoy the security it offers.

In real life use, the strap didn’t leave any significant sweat marks across button down shirts in NYC’s hot summer (we basically skipped spring) while is still provided lots of comfort. But the interior can be quite clingy and you’ll have to use a bit more oomph to slide the camera to your eye. The reason for this is because of the fixed length.

When wrapped around the wrist, you’ll have very little issues with comfort but your wrists are sure to heat up quickly.”

Simplr M1a

In our review, we say:

“Despite the fact that I think that the Simplr M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap is seriously fugly, it’s designed and built incredibly well. I really wish it had leather and canvas incorporated into it in some way or another and I also really wish it had some sort of small shoulder pad. When you tend to wrap it around your wrist for some extra security while shooting, the rough nylon gets to be a bit itchy. At the same time though, this is one of the few straps that hasn’t left a streak of sweat across my shirt as I went about photo walking due partially to the materials and the design.

But in real life use, I was absolutely shocked that the Simplr M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap held up with a Canon 6D Mk II and a Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art lens. Plus it worked really swell with the Leica CL and a 40mm f2. Of course, it would work with the lighter camera. I wasn’t so sure about the buckles before, but they held up. Still though, for a bit of extra paranoid security, I’d want something that gives me some extra lock; something where I can feel with a hearty snap that the strap and camera won’t come undone at the buckle.”

4V Design PIUMA UP Kit Sling

In our review, we say:

“Once you’ve got the 4V Design PIUMA UP KIT Sling Strap attached to your camera, it’s pretty straightforward. Adjusting the length is pretty simple. One thing that really amazed me about the 4V Design PIUMA UP KIT Sling Strap is the fact that the strap remained so incredibly comfortable despite 90 degree weather, didn’t cause sweat stains across my shirt. That’s fantastic. When reviewing the 4V Design PIUMA UP KIT Sling Strap, I didn’t really know that it wasn’t designed for big DSLRs. But it proved its durability to me by carrying a Nikon D850 and various lenses for a week.”

Peak Design Cuff 2.0

In our review, we say:

“…these straps are designed to give more of an emphasis on functionality than many other straps out there. But at the same time, they’re also trying to be stylish. Peak Design does a good job with style when it comes to most folks, but for those us who adore much more canvas, leather, nickel, etc. (and there are tons of you who adore this classic look), you may only be satiated by the Peak Design Cuff due to the inclusion of leather.”

DEADCAMERAS Slim Strap Theme

In our review, we say:

“When you look at the DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap, you immediately see something that majorly differentiates it from a lot of other options on the market. There’s the strap itself which is the foundation of the whole product, but then there is this absolutely massive shoulder pad. In fact, I find it difficult to really even call it a shoulder pad but instead a wrap.”