Review: DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap

Not long ago, the DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap popped up on the web. These camera straps are handmade in Portugal–which is much different from many of the others that you find out there instead made in London, America, or even Italy. The DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap also have a very unique look to them that majorly differentiates them from lots of other camera straps out there. That’s easily visible not only from the photos in this review, but also from the materials used in its production.

Tech Specs

Specs taken from the DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap page

This strap is perfect for classic cameras or for modern digital cameras with a classic look Like the Fuji X-T1, the OM-D or the Leica M. It also looks superb on those modern mirrorless cameras like the Sony Nex and the Sony A7, but can also be used on larger cameras like DSLR´s.

Comes with 16mm split rings to attach it to your camera plus 2 soft leather discs to protect your camera from getting scratched by the strap metal parts.

Best for those that like to wrap the strap along the arm while taking pictures and for those that want a strap that takes less space in the camera bag.

The shoulder pad is made from the highest quality top grain leather and the cord from a very strong heavy leather.

Technical data:
– 95cm up to 125 long;
– Shoulder pad is about 1,3cm in diameter and 35cm long;
– Strap leather ending is 3,5cm long and about 5cm in total;
– 2x 16mm Stainless steel split rings;
– 2x leather protection discs;
– Weight is approximately 65 grams (115 cm strap).

Handmade in EU/Portugal

Gear Used

We tested the DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap with the Mint SLR670 Black limited edition camera.


When you look at the DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap, you immediately see something that majorly differentiates it from a lot of other options out there on the market. There’s the strap itself which is the foundation of the whole product, but then there is this absolutely massive shoulder pad. In fact, I find it difficult to really even call it a shoulder pad but instead a wrap.

As far as attaching the DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap to a camera goes, there are split rings used in the process. So with that said, it probably won’t work so well with modern Canon EOS SLRs and DSLRs, but it will work just fine with many other options on the market. At this area, you’ve also got a bit more of that padding that we’re talking about.

The padding on the strap wraps around a large area; that makes it very comfortable when it comes to the instances where you want to wrap it around your wrist but also when you just want it around your shoulder or neck.

Build Quality

The DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap is designed and built very solid. When you feel it, the leather is very soft. In fact, it’s almost as soft as the Horween Chromexcel leather used by some British and American leather makers.

One thing is for sure though, it’s super comfortable. Each strap is made to an according length. For my Sony a7, I feel that it’s too short sometimes. But it’s a very nice shoulder and neck strap. The padding itself also feels nice except on hot summer days. With that said though, this still feels far better than most other options being used during the summer.

Ease of Use

In most scenarios, I really do like the DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap mostly for its comfort. But I’d really have liked it more and found it more useful if it had an adjustable strap length. I’m aware that that isn’t really possible with the giant padding, but I also question why the padding is this large to begin with.

Obviously, this strap is best for lighter cameras. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even go any larger or heavier than a Fujifilm X100F camera. It’s decent on film point and shoot cameras and pretty comfortable then. But of course, this strap isn’t designed for larger cameras. With that said, the SLR 670 is a nice option. Wrapping it around your wrist needs to be done just right as the other strap underneath isn’t that comfortable on the skin.


The DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap is a fantastic attempt at doing something different from other camera strap manufacturers and standing out from the crowd. And for that reason, DeadCameras should be commended. But the strap itself fails in terms of versatility overall. If that isn’t your concern though, then you probably may end of really liking and enjoying the pure comfort that it can deliver.

I’m awarding the DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap three out of five stars.