Every Beginner Could Use These Photography Tips

You’ll progress better if you take note of these simple photography tips

So, you’ve decided to move on from being a beginner to becoming a better photographer. You’re on the right track doing research for photography tips and tricks, so we bring you a few things to avoid and remember from wedding photographer Bethany Kay. In this quick video, Bethany shares some of the mistakes she did when she was starting out in wedding photography, and what she learned out of it. With these simple photography tips, you too will see improvement in your work by leaps and bounds, whatever the kind of photography you’re doing.

The Essential Photography Tips

Notice changes in lighting and adjust to them. This tip definitely matters when you’re shooting outdoors. Light changes throughout the day and even as you move around. So make sure you’re not using the same camera settings throughout the shoot. Adjust them as you notice changes in lighting.

Slow down and pay attention to your composition. There’s no use taking so many shots of the same pose or composition over and over. You won’t get the best photos like this either. Slow down to frame your image, check your composition, and change your subject’s pose if it’s not working out.

Learn how to pose your subjects better. This tip applies to portrait photography especially. Not all subjects know how to give you a variety of poses, so you’ll need to learn how to direct them to give you the pose you want.

Shoot in RAW format to get full control over your photos during post-processing. One of the advantages of digital photography is the amount of control you can get later in post-process when you shoot RAW. Use this to your advantage to see how your image quality can improve.

If you found these suggestions helpful, Bethany Kay has more photography tips and tutorials on her YouTube channel.