Lomo’Instant Square Gets New Wide Angle Glass Lens Attachment

Lomography’s new Lomo’Instant Square Wide-Angle Glass Lens Attachment promises to let you get more out in every snap

Heads up, lomographers and instant photography fans! Lomography has recently launched a new wide angle lens attachment for those wanting for a wider capture with their Lomo’Instant Square. With this new accessory, you now have the option to shoot both tighter crops and wider scenes with just one instant camera.

The fixed focal lengths of instant cameras may be a limitation for some photographers. That is most likely what sparked the idea behind this new lens attachment for Lomography’s Instax Square shooter. The new Lomo’Instant Square Wide-Angle Glass Lens Attachment not only allows you to shoot in wide angle. You can also shoot from as close as 50 cm (0.5 m) with this lens attachment. Also, because it’s a glass lens, you can expect to get detailed and sharply focused instant photos. Looks like this accessory will come in handy if you want to have a variety of snaps in one Instax Square pack!

To attach the Wide-Angle Glass Lens Attachment, simply screw it onto the filter thread of your Lomo’Instant Square. The folks of Lomography also recommend pairing it with the remote control shutter release to shoot group shots or fill the frame with landscapes or broader sweeps for street photography.

Built-in Glass Lens

Wide-Angle Glass Lens Attachment

The Lomo’Instant Square Wide-Angle Glass Lens Attachment package includes the lens attachment, lens cap, cleaning cloth, and lens pouch. You can grab it now at the Lomography Shop for $24.90.

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