Emulsion: Our Analog Photography Zine is Now Available for Individual Purchase

We spent a year rounding up some of the best analog film photographers in the world into Emulsion.

We took to Kickstarter to fund Emulsion; a project I wanted to bill as rounding up the best modern analog film photographers the world didn’t necessarily know about. Recently, backers of the project started to receive their copies of Emulsion and they’re singing nothing but praise for it. Today, we’re making Emulsion available for individual purchase on Blurb. This high end product will serve not only as a wonderful zine, but also as a fantastic coffee table book.

When we took to featuring photographers for this zine, we fielded through an overwhelming number of submissions and narrowed them down to a number that we thought was perfect. We promised to pack it all into 100 pages worth of interviews and gorgeous photos. But we also spent a whole lot of time ensuring that the scanned images were perfect for printing, the text looked great, and that there was enough of a balance between color and black and white, male and female creators, etc. We made what I’d ultimately like to think is an incredible piece of work.

As you page through the contents, you’ll see that this book was specifically designed to be a matte paper publication with just a little bit of sheen. This creates a look that is easily visible no matter where you are. If you’re sitting on a train and there is overhead lighting, the text will still be very easily readable. If you’re sitting by candle light or with your living room lamp, the text will still jump out at you along with the images.

Even if you’re not a fan of analog film photography, the great thing about this publication is that there are still just fantastic images and great interviews on every single page. It’s going to last for many years on your living room coffee table or in your everyday bag. With 12 artists and 100 pages of inspiration, our hope and goal is that you’ll grab your camera and get out to shoot.

Emulsion is on sale today for $45 USD on Blurb; it’s worth every single penny. And you can purchase it at our Blurb Store link.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.