Benjo Arwas Combines Photography and 8mm Footage for a Fashion Campaign

All images and videos by Benjo Arwas. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It’s been a while since the vintage look has made a comeback in many creative aspects, but the visual appeal hasn’t waned. In the realm of fashion, for example, we see that nostalgia sells, not only in style itself but also in how it’s presented to the fashion-forward. Case in point is the beautiful Holiday 2017 campaign done by Los Angeles-based Benjo Arwas for designer brand Anine Bing.

The vintage look remains popular in today’s fashion editorials. It’s a look seemingly easy to pull off in the capable hands of visionary creatives like Elizaveta Porodina with her retro-inspired sets Who’s That Girl? and Metropolitan Eyewear Campaign. Sure, the look is achievable with impeccable color grading and advanced post-processing techniques. But, we still can’t underestimate actual emulsions themselves, as Benjo realized while building the concept and treatment for the fashion campaign. He had the bright idea to pair some modern vintage still snaps with dreamy 8mm footage taken using Canon 1014 Auto Zoom and Kodak Tri-X 400. Looks like he shot with another color film, too.

The short 8mm films, which he aptly called New York Short Stories, make beautiful additions to the campaign, especially the black and white ones. Each “short story” can be seen as either a behind-the-scenes peek into the photo shoots, or a dreamy preview of the collection itself. The grainy, low-fi look lends a classic touch to Anine Bing’s collection, whose pieces already have a timeless appeal to them. It’s a fine example of the artsy approach that film photography and 8mm films can still pull off today. Benjo shows us that with the right concept, subject, vision, and aesthetic, traditional tools can still yield beautiful and creative results.

Don’t forget to check out Benjo Arwas’ website and Behance portfolio to view the complete New York Short Stories for Anine Bing’s Holiday 2017 campaign, as well as his other projects.