This 14K Solid Gold Ring is Actually a Soviet Era Spy Camera

Likely the most interesting and expensive spy camera you can wear

Just when we think we’ve already unearthed the coolest spy cameras in the history of photography, something pops up and proves us wrong. From the depths of ebay’s vintage awesomeness comes a super rare and unique Soviet Era spy camera, concealed in an ornately decorated and curiously shaped gold ring. If this ingenious piece catches your fancy, all you have to do is cough up almost US $20,000.

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Benjo Arwas Combines Photography and 8mm Footage for a Fashion Campaign

All images and videos by Benjo Arwas. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It’s been a while since the vintage look has made a comeback in many creative aspects, but the visual appeal hasn’t waned. In the realm of fashion, for example, we see that nostalgia sells, not only in style itself but also in how it’s presented to the fashion-forward. Case in point is the beautiful Holiday 2017 campaign done by Los Angeles-based Benjo Arwas for designer brand Anine Bing.

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Get an Easy Retro Look for Videos with 8mm Film Grain Overlays

Give your videos a quick vintage look with film grain overlays made with real 8mm film.

Today, the vintage aesthetic isn’t only popular and useful in photography. Filmmakers and videographers have also found the look an effective way to make their stories, projects, and campaigns even more eye-catching. There’s no shortage of digital filters promising film effects but of course, nothing compares to the look of actual emulsions. With this in mind, stock footage and photography website Dissolve came up with their own film grain overlays that are the closest you’ll get to the real thing. In fact, they’re encouraging everyone to take their footage “back in time” through these overlays. Unlike most digital filters that are just short snippets, they’re actual footage shot on 8mm film captured optically for 30 seconds.

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