Get an Easy Retro Look for Videos with 8mm Film Grain Overlays

Give your videos a quick vintage look with film grain overlays made with real 8mm film.

Today, the vintage aesthetic isn’t only popular and useful in photography. Filmmakers and videographers have also found the look an effective way to make their stories, projects, and campaigns even more eye-catching. There’s no shortage of digital filters promising film effects but of course, nothing compares to the look of actual emulsions. With this in mind, stock footage and photography website Dissolve came up with their own film grain overlays that are the closest you’ll get to the real thing. In fact, they’re encouraging everyone to take their footage “back in time” through these overlays. Unlike most digital filters that are just short snippets, they’re actual footage shot on 8mm film captured optically for 30 seconds.

Because they’re made with real film, the film grain look from these overlays don’t have the repetitions or patterns other digital filters typically have. Instead, they’re much more randomized and designed to look the way film really acts in some ways. Of course, there’s also white balanced–and most of that film was balanced to 5500k or 5600k daylight.

Dissolve’s 8mm film grain overlays also come in four styles and in full HD (1920 x 1080): low grain, medium grain, high grain, and a hand-developed stock that adds dust and scratches. Sounds crazy? RNI Films for the iPhone does that to great effect!

High Grain

Medium Grain

Low Grain

Hand Processed

The best thing about these 8mm film grain overlays? They’re free! All you need is to sign up for a Dissolve account to download. Give them a try and explore the myriad of creative applications these reel-looking film grain overlays can make possible.

Check out Dissolve’s website to learn more about their 8mm film grain overlays and sign up for an account, or log-in your existing account to download.