Ricoh GR-E Reported to Have 36MP Curved Full Frame Sensor, 28mm f2.4 Lens

If the Ricoh GR-E is real, then it’s time to get really excited.

If you’re a fan of the film Ricoh cameras, then you’ll probably be all over the Ricoh GR-E. A while back we reviewed a little known camera *CLEAR SARCASM SLAPPING YOU IN THE FACE RIGHT HERE* called the Ricoh GR II. It turned out to be a fantastic camera for street photography and for every day carry situations. Fans and I have been wondering if there would ever be an update. I have to tell you, it looked pretty dismal.

The Ricoh GR II had been fluctuating in price and even when I’ve asked my reps over the years, it didn’t seem like something positive. On top of that, the Ricoh Pentax brand hasn’t been very active as far as releases or updates in the past year. But this year, 2018, is going to be the last big Photokina year in that it’s the last time the show will be happening every two years. This year is when all the manufacturers will be pulling out all the stops; and so we may indeed see a Ricoh GR-E point and shoot camera.

According to a post on Pentax Forums, which cites a discussion on DPReview as its source, camera production on the entire Ricoh line will cease and be brought under the Pentax brand. Why? I sort of get it, but for the Ricoh brand, it would make more sense to stick with a naming convention along the lines of the Ricoh GR. The specs for the new Ricoh GR-E are as follows:

  • 36MP curved sensor
  • To be announced in spring or early summer
  • Price: $1,800
  • 122.0 mm (W) × 64.7 mm (H) × 39.8 mm (D)
  • 28mm f/2.4 lens (non-retractable)
  • Customizable lens ring
  • ISO 51,200
  • New battery

A full frame, curved sensor? Whoa. For what it’s worth, point and shoots have been making a quiet comeback in some ways. Point and shoots as we traditionally knew them in the digital sense are long gone, but instead they’re more known as premium compact cameras. This new Ricoh GR-E would be one of those cameras.

The lens isn’t as fast as the Leica Q or the Sony RX1R II, but if Ricoh keeps this camera very compact then it’s going to surely be a hit. Getting something smaller than the RX1R II is going to be tough though. If Ricoh also incorporates a good viewfinder, that will add even more sprinkles on the ice cream.

Let’s hope this is true.