Review: 4VDesign LUSSO LARGE TOP Camera Strap (Super Comfortable)

The 4VDesign LUSSO LARGE TOP camera strap is designed for big DSLR cameras. Unlike the company’s Lusso Slim, it’s also, well, large. The strap, which will find a great home with photographers who use medium format film cameras and DSLRs alike, is designed to harbor a lot of weight accordingly. Part of this is due to its very large shoulder pad, but the other part is due to its beautiful yet durable construction. The Italian leather straps are handmade in Italy, but they’ve also got quite a bit of canvas integrated into the design. And of any strap that I’ve used for DSLRs recently, this strap has some of the best construction I’ve seen.

Gear Used

The 4VDesign LUSSO LARGE TOP camera strap was tested with the Canon 6D and the Nikon D850. Various lenses were used during this review.

Tech Specs

Specs taken from the product page listing for the 4VDesign LUSSO LARGE TOP camera strap

• Unique Quick Release Attachment with High-Strength Polyamide Military-Standard Webbing
• High-Grip Technology for great safety and durability
• Memory Foam for a great comfort
• 20mm High-Quality cotton band
• Beautifully detailed Hand painted edges
• Widely adjustable length for a great versatility
• Thick and rounded padding for an unique comfort experience
• Made in Italy


The 4VDesign LUSSO LARGE TOP camera strap is more or less a simple strap. It can be adjusted, has a shoulder pad, and has heavy duty construction. Where it really impresses is the versatility in how it attaches to the camera. Here you see the strap and the giant pad. This pad has leather on the top and bottom.

The bottom is also coated with this strange surface that is comfortable and yet grippy. I really like it and only 4V does this design.

When it comes to connecting to the camera, the 4VDesign LUSSO LARGE TOP camera strap can work via thread looping or with the snap buckles designed almost carabiner style. These are made of brass and they’ve got a patina look to them.

Brass also encompasses the areas that adjust the strap.

Build Quality

I really do enjoy the build quality and durability of the 4VDesign LUSSO LARGE TOP camera strap. It’s very well made, and with that comes one caveat. When you wrap it around your wrist, you’ll be comfortable but your body will heat up quite a bit due to how body heat and wrists tend to work. So I keep this strap slung around my shoulder or sometimes wrapped around my hand with a little bit around the wrist.

Ease of Use

Perhaps the toughest thing about using the 4VDesign LUSSO LARGE TOP camera strap is attaching it to the camera. When the thread loops are like this, then the brass carabiners just kind of dangle there. It’s pretty interesting and I’m not totally sure I’m sold on it yet, but I surely do like the design here.


The 4VDesign LUSSO LARGE TOP camera strap is a pretty awesome strap for photographers who need or want something strong, durable, and well made while also looking gorgeous. In fact, I’d give it some of my highest praises along with some of what TAP and DYE does. For the price of €119.00 it may be a bit too expensive for some, but it’s going to be an investment that will last the rest of your life.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.