How to Bulk Load Your Favorite Films to Save on Film Costs

If you shoot a lot of film, then you probably bulk load it.

Do you find yourself constantly shooting with with just one emulsion? If you’re not yet bulk loading your favorite film, Nick Mayo demonstrates how easy it is in one of his recent video tutorials, so you can try it out and save a lot on film costs.

If you’re one of those film shooters who browses around eBay or online film photography shops, your curiosity must have been sparked when you spotted bulk rolls of film. If your favorite emulsion comes in these, bulk loading will not only make sure you readily have them when you need them. It will also save you a lot of money, as Nick Mayo explains in his YouTube channel.

In a recent video, Nick shows how easy it is to bulk load film with just a few items: a Lloyd Daylight Film Loader, reloadable film canisters (may or may not be easy to find), a film changing bag, and a film leader retriever. Watch how it’s done below:

For those of us who are used to buying individual rolls, it probably doesn’t seem too costly when we’re getting just one or two rolls. But when you’ve found a film you see yourself using more than others (especially those motion picture films that come in bulk rolls), buying in bulk will definitely save you lots of money. Sure, it requires an extra investment getting one of the extra equipment, but seeing how easy it is, it could very well be a worthy investment.

You don’t even have to get some of those reloadable film canisters, if you’re having a hard time finding them in your area. Nick’s trick and favorite way to bulk load film is to use empty film canisters, which you can get after processing films at home or get for free from your film labs. The good thing about them is they already have the DX code, so you can choose the canister with the appropriate speed if you plan to use your film in a camera that supports DX Code, or if you plan to push or pull your film.

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Screenshot image from the video