Where and How to Develop Kodak Vision 3 Motion Picture Film

Screenshot image from the video on Kodak Vision 3

So, you want to get your hands on some Kodak Vision 3 Film and try it out for still photography. But, first things first — where or how do you get it developed? To the rescue comes the Michael Raso of the Film Photography Podcast with some developing tips for what he considers one of the most spectacular color film on the planet.

If you plan to shoot with the Kodak Vision 3 Film, Michael first wants you to know that you’re in the company of some amazing filmmakers — Quentin Tarantino, J.J. Abrams, and Martin Scorsese, to name a few. Yes, this film, in all its amazing exposure latitude, was made for the glitz and glamor of the Hollywood movies.

Before you go shooting though, there’s one more thing you need to know: it’s not made for standard C41 processing in your favorite film lab. It requires a totally different kind of processing called ECN – 2, but it’s possible to develop this film in C41. This is because the film has a layer of black carbon base called remjet. This substance, when run through a commercial processing machine, will destroy it.

So, what do you do? It’s a beautiful motion picture film that you can also shoot with your still camera, but where do you take it for processing? Fortunately, Michael and the folks of the Film Photography Podcast have listed down four (4) labs in the US where you can take your Kodak Vision Film.

  1. Film Rescue International (Minnesota/Toronto)
  2. Boutique Film Lab (Nashville)
  3. The Camera Shop (Minnesota)
  4. Old School Photo Lab

Now, Michael also mentioned that it can be processed using C41 chemicals, but for home developing. Simply process it as you would with any color negative film, then as a last step, rub off the black remjet layer on the emulsion side in a bucket of hot water. Easy peasy, as demonstrated in the video. So, there’s definitely no reason for you not to shoot with this lovely motion picture film.

If you want to give it a go, head over to filmphotographystore.com to grab the Kodak Vision 3 Film in 35mm cartridges and bulk rolls.