SILBERSALZ35 Films Now Come in Metal Cartridges With DX Code

With the latest update to the SILBERSALZ35 films, there will be more cameras you can use with these true cine films.

Right on the heels of launching their best photos of 2019 compilation, the folks of Silbersalz dropped great news for those who have yet to try the SILBERSALZ35 films. The lineup of true 35mm cine films are now available in UK-made metal cartridges with DX coding, and those who want to get a sample with one roll instead of buying four packs can now order in single rolls. Empty film hardcases are now also available for those who want to have extra cases for stocking up on their favorite 35mm emulsions.

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Where and How to Develop Kodak Vision 3 Motion Picture Film

Screenshot image from the video on Kodak Vision 3

So, you want to get your hands on some Kodak Vision 3 Film and try it out for still photography. But, first things first — where or how do you get it developed? To the rescue comes the Michael Raso of the Film Photography Podcast with some developing tips for what he considers one of the most spectacular color film on the planet.

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