SILBERSALZ35 Films Now Come in Metal Cartridges With DX Code

With the latest update to the SILBERSALZ35 films, there will be more cameras you can use with these true cine films.

Right on the heels of launching their best photos of 2019 compilation, the folks of Silbersalz dropped great news for those who have yet to try the SILBERSALZ35 films. The lineup of true 35mm cine films are now available in UK-made metal cartridges with DX coding, and those who want to get a sample with one roll instead of buying four packs can now order in single rolls. Empty film hardcases are now also available for those who want to have extra cases for stocking up on their favorite 35mm emulsions.

With this news, film photographers can now shoot the SILBERSALZ35 films with any camera that supports DX code — including point-and-shoot cameras. The coded cartridges automatically tell the camera to overexpose the cine films by one stop to ensure the best results. Prior to the announcement, the films were also available only in packs of four with the hardcase, either as an assortment of all four variants or four films of the same variant.

For the interested but uninitiated, SILBERSALZ35 cine films are untouched Kodak VISION 3 emulsions — 050D, 200T, 250D, and 500T — which means they still have the Remjet layer intact and have to be developed using ECN2 chemicals. When you buy either a single roll or a pack of four, the SILBERSALZ35 films come with ECN2 Processing and 21.4 Megapixel HDR scanning. There are also some free options such as push and pull processing, bleach bypass, and XPan and Panorama scanning for those who want more experimental results. So, if you’re interested in the real cine film experience, this should be an interesting route to try.

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Head to the SILBERSALZ35 website to find out more about and grab some rolls.