The Meyer Optik Primoplan 75mm f1.9 Can Cover Fujifilm’s GFX 50S’ Sensor

With the new Meyer Optik Primoplan 75mm f1.9, you’ll get bokehlicious portraits

Just in time for the holidays, we’re getting a brand new lens announcement in the form of the Meyer Optik Primoplan 75mm f1.9. This new lens is a revamped and improved version the company is creating for $629 to the backers of their IndieGoGo project. The lens will be able to focus down to 1.8 feet away, which is very good for a lens like this. It’s also bound to be manual focus, have a metal exterior, and best of all–it can cover Fujifilm GFX 50S and Hasselblad X1D sensors. Essentially that means it will have more or less a normal field of view, while with full frame 35mm sensors it will be more telephoto.

The lens will be released in 2018, and will feature both swirly bokeh and the bubble bokeh so many photographers have really come to love.

The modern P75 II will come with mounts for :

  • Leica M
  • Canon EF
  • Nikon F
  • M42
  • Sony-E
  • Fuji-X
  • Micro-Four Thirds
  • Pentax-K
  • NEW: Hasselblad X1D & Fuji’s GFX (if we get more than 25 supporters we will create a native mount)

Press release is down below:

Meyer Optik Returns a Lost Treasure

New Primoplan 75 Sets Bar Even Higher for Versatility, Optical Performance

Meyer Optik Goerlitz announced today that it is developing the next generation of the Primoplan 75/1.9, its premier portrait lens known for its versatile bokeh that spans from dreamy and swirly to circular, along with melting colors and smooth transitions from sharpness to soft blurs.

The company is calling the new version of the Primoplan 75 the P75 II, and is launching a campaign for the lens today on Indiegogo. Backers can be the first in line to get the lens for as low as $629 during the first 24 hours of the campaign. The upcoming P75 II maintains the special character of the original Primoplan 75, but the new lens follows an innovative optical design making use of Schott and OHARA glass and coatings.

In its new P75 II, Meyer Optik has reduced the lens’ minimum focal distance by almost 30% to just 55cm or 1.8 ft. The company is also offering a specially designed achromat front lens as a possible add on by which the minimum focusing distance can be reduced to 25 cm or less than a foot. The designers have also enlarged the image or frame size so that image contrast and resolution in the P75 II are dramatically improved, making the lens ideal for black and white photography, as well as the perfect tool for portrait and nature photography. Furthermore, the lens can now cover mirrorless medium format cameras, such as the Hasselblad XD 1 or Fuji’s GFX 50s

The new optical innovations for the P75 II are an advancement of the Primoplan 75, which had been last produced in the 1950s in East Germany. The lens was originally developed in the 1930s by legendary German designer Paul Schaefter for Meyer Optik Goerlitz.

Be sure to head on over to the Meyer Optik Primoplan 75mm f1.9 IndieGogo page for more.

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