Introducing: Inside the Photographer’s Mind with Chris Gampat on Adorama TV

Inside the Photographer’s Mind premieres on Adorama TV at 6pm EST on December 6th 

Photography has two sides to it: capturing and creating. Some photographers lean in one direction over the other, while others can balance the two. On December 6th 2017, The Phoblographer, Madavor Media and Adorama TV invite you to join Chris Gampat as he speaks with established professional photographers and up-and-comers alike from various backgrounds and examines the thought processes behind their images while connecting the technical and artistic sides of their brains in the creative process.

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Inside The Photographer’s Mind is a webcast in front of a live Adorama Event Space audience that delves into how and why photographers create their photos. Hosted by The Phoblographer’s Chris Gampat, Chris has years of interviewing experience being on both sides of the photo desk. The show features photographers with interesting portfolios of work who are established in the creative and social world of photography. Inside the Photographer’s Mind will be broadcast live on Adorama TV and will be available for viewers to tune in later on.

Our first guest is Sony Artisan Vivienne Gucwa. Vivienne lives in New York City with her favorite being in the world, her cat Tallulah. She is a full-time fine-art photographer and best-selling author of two photography books: NY Through The Lens, and New York in the Snow. She is currently working on a project which explores the profound implications of time.

Inside the Photographer’s Mind premieres on Adorama TV at 6pm EST on December 6th