First Impressions: Polaroid Originals One Step 2

The Polaroid Originals One Step 2 is a throwback to the classic camera.

If you use the Polaroid Originals One Step 2, you’ll probably be really enamored with its retro aesthetics if you’re not put off by its chunky size. But I thought the same thing about the Instax Mini 8 and other cameras; and they sell out really well. While I’d prefer a camera like the SX-70, I can see how and why folks will like the Polaroid Originals One Step 2. If you owned or used the Impossible Project’s I-1 camera, then you should know that the new Polaroid Originals One Step 2 camera has more or less the same type of body. Of course, it isn’t as advanced as the I-1: it doesn’t have wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. But you’ll also not be too worried about the pretty low price tag associated with the camera.

And perhaps most interesting is the claim of a 60 day battery life.

Tech Specs

Tech specs taken from the Polaroid Originals website.

Works with
600 Film

Works with
i-type Film

Compatibility Chart

Dimensions: 150 mm (L) x 110 mm (W) x 95 mm (H)
Weight: 460 grams / 1 lb (without film pack)
Outer shells: Polycarbonate + ABS plastics
Lenses: Optical grade Polycarbonate and Acrylic lenses, coated

Shutter system: Custom design, using precision step motor for shutter
Lens: fixed focus lens / 0.6m — infinity
Focal length: 106 mm
Field of view: 41 degrees vertical, 40 degrees horizontal

Flash System: Vacuum discharge
tube strobe
Battery: High performance lithium-ion battery (1100mAh), rechargeable via USB
Neck Strap and USB charging cable included


The Polaroid Originals One Step 2 is an ode to the classic One Step camera. It was called the One Step because it had only one step, push the button and it shoots a photo. It’s a fixed focus point and shoot essentially and that differs it from many other cameras that have you manually focus or use Polaroid’s old Sonar autofocus system. To shoot an image, you simply press that big red button on the front of the camera. That area that says Polaroid on the bottom is how you load the camera.

From the side, the Polaroid Originals One Step 2 looks a whole lot like the Impossible Project’s I-1. Perhaps it’s because they’re the same company. There are also no controls here.

The back of the Polaroid Originals One Step 2 doesn’t have much of anything with the exception of the viewfinder and the on/off switch.

Build Quality

I’ve felt some significantly better built Polaroid cameras, and unfortunately the Polaroid Originals One Step 2 isn’t one of the best built. However, it’s a super affordable price point. I personally wouldn’t mind spending some more dough on a higher end body though.

Ease of Use

When you hold the Polaroid Originals One Step 2, you start to realize it’s also pretty simple to use. Again, it’s just a matter of pretty much zone focusing, pointing the camera and shooting. That’s it. What you should know is that the battery life is rated at 60 days. That’s nuts!

First Impressions

I wasn’t able to test the camera out with some film because I was holding a pre-production unit. But hopefully a full unit will come in eventually for review. As it is though, I’m a bit on the fence about it. It’s larger than anything Fujifilm puts out, and it also has that aesthetic appeal for all those who love cameras like this. If anything, consider it a cheap impulse buy at less than $100.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.