The New Capture One Film Styles Pack Promises an Analog Look With Your Photos

The Capture One Film Styles Pack looks really fantastic if you like that style

Photographers who adore the look of analog film presets may greatly appreciate the new Capture One Film Styles pack. Capture One has these before–done by an outside company–but now they’re giving us official offerings. The Capture One Film Styles pack differ from something like RNI Films in that they’re not specific about what film emulsions they’re trying to emulate. But the pack contains around 33 color film simulations and 12 black and white offerings.

Of course you may be asking: Why not just shoot film? Well, that’s a great point. But these styles give a simulation designed to look like film but isn’t perfectly like it. In their press release, Capture One states that these are designed to give photographers an easier time transitioning into the adjustments and the way the software works. Each film simulations has a three-split variation in case you want to get more from the highlights or shadows accordingly. To make the absolute best of this pack, I’d also recommend setting your white balance to 5500K as that will give you the truest exposure and colors from film. From there, you can surely apply any sort of “digital fixer” you’d like.

The Capture One Film Styles pack is available in both the US and Europe for $69.00. But if you want to simply play with a few, you can download the free sample pack here. For the photographers considering leaving Adobe Lightroom, many others (including myself) have found solace in Capture One Pro. The better RAW algorithm processing, layers, and the whole mentality of approaching each step of the image editing process in a very specific way has given me much better images.

So give it a try!