One Black One White Photo Book Documents the Art of Shanxi Noodle Making

All images courtesy of the Kickstarter

Through a hearty mix of food photography and documentary photography, Kristie Chow of art and media website One Belly is set to publish One Black One White – Shanxi Noodle School in China, a photo book on noodle making in Shanxi province of North China. Whether you’re a documentary photographer with an interest for unique stories, or a foodie who wants to explore food photography, this project should be inspiring for you. Kristie’s Kickstarter campaign for the 16-paged photo book was successfully funded with 20 days to go. Through this book, backers will learn about the artistry of noodle making in Shanxi, which was part of her month-long journey across four provinces in China to learn their distinct regional noodles.

“I spent a month in China in a cold January in 2016 going through four culinary schools learning their distinct regional noodles in Beijing, Taiyuen in Shanxi, Xian in Shaanxi, and Lanzhou in Gansu.

“Shanxi especially welcomed me with open arms. I taught my new friends at the culinary school how to make Cantonese soup and they taught me how to knead dough the right way. Lunch was just things we were learning how to make that day. I learned from my classmates I can hold a Chinese doughnut in one hand and a cucumber in another while I eat a bowl of noodles with different sauces all mixed together.”

The project is also a starting point for One Belly’s goal of experimenting with different media to explore the relationship between food and people. It may be a small volume but it still offers an interesting peek into the art of noodle making straight from its origin — something you don’t get to see everyday.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for One Black One White to learn more and show your support. Oh, and if you’re feeling generous and hungry, maybe pledge $300 to get a home-cooked noodle meal for two from One Belly, along with the photo book and the printed rewards.

All images by Kristie Chow/One Belly via Kickstarter